Scottsdale, Arizona will be the first place the Red Bull Illume photo exhibition will travel, it’s the world’s largest international photography competition that’s dedicated to action and adventure sports. Red Bull Illume will be exhibiting the top fifty images from November 14th to the 24th in Scottsdale, one of many stops on the tour that is set to travel around the world’s capitals for the next two years.

The fifty winning images were chosen by an international panel of photo editors, and will be on display each night in life-sized lightboxes on the Scottsdale Waterfront. An opening gala will be held for invited guests on November 14th in Scottsdale.  The lightboxes will be covered while it’s still light out, but once the sun sets the covers will be removed, revealing the illuminated works of art. Starting at 9pm the event will open to the public.


© Jimmy Wilson / Red Bull Illume

German photographer Lorenz Holder was named the first place winner for a stunning shot he submitted of a snowboarder riding a satellite dish. He won a prize back valued at more than €30,000 including a Leica S camera, a broncolor Move Outdoor light kit and Sun-Sniper gear.

The ten category winners in their respective photo categories are: Scott Serfas (Illumination), Daniel Vojtech (New Creativity), Romina Amato (Energy), Chris Burkard (Spirit), Morgan Maassen (Lifestyle by Leica), Jeroen Nieuwhuis (Close Up), Zakary Noyle (Sequence), Lorenz Holder (winner of two categories – Playground and Experimental), and Samo Vidic (Wings).

The Red Bull Illume tour is an exciting exhibition to look out for.  With 28,257 photos submitted by 6,417 photographers from 124 countries, the final fifty images chosen for the event are guaranteed to be awe inspiring, especially when illuminated and life size.


© Dave Lehl / Red Bull Illume