The American Photographic Artists announced the 2013 APA Award Winners on their website in October. The APA Awards are open to photographers from around the world and boasts a prize package of over $130,000 in photo equipment, software, and professional business support.

Los Angeles based advertising photographer Kevin Steele won the Best of Show award.  He’s known for shooting active lifestyle, travel, and portraiture. After winning the award, Steele said, “the goal after all is to continue to create inspiring images with wonderful clients.” Helping him toward this goal is his prize package, including a Canon Cinema EOS-1D C Camera and worldwide recognition and exposure.


Kevin Steele – Best of Show holding winning trophy and EOS-1D C Cinema EOS Camera he won.

There were thirty-one photographers chosen in other categories as well.  The images were chosen based on personal creative expression and technical excellence, and the categories include portrait, action, fine art/personal, conceptual, fashion, landscape, architecture, still life, lifestyle/wedding and student.

The National Executive Director of APA Juliette Wolf-Robin said that, “the APA Awards provide a wonderful opportunity to put forward striking imagery that showcases the exceptional talent of both respected and emerging artists.”

Listed below are the thirty-one winners.



Kevin Steele



1st Place – Art Streiber

2nd Place – Cameron Davidson

3rd Place – Kristofer Dan-Bergman


Portrait Winner, Art Streiber

Portrait Winner, Art Streiber


1st Place – Nathan Abbott

2nd Place – Cassandra Plavoukos

3rd Place – Christopher Morris



1st Place – Harold Lee Miller

2nd Place – Clinton Perry

3rd Place – Erik Almas



1st Place – Craig Kempf

2nd Place – Eric Doggett

3rd Place – Karen Fuchs



1st Place – George Kamper

2nd Place – Patrick McCarthy

3rd Place – Zoe Wetherall



1st Place – Andreas Franke

2nd Place – Alejandro Chavetta

3rd Place – Timothy Bailey

Conceptual Winner, Andreas Franke

Conceptual Winner, Andreas Franke



1st Place – Lupine Hammack

2nd Place – Rob Prideaux

3rd Place – Ben Kist



1st Place – Rafael Astorga

2nd Place – Mark Leibowitz

3rd Place – Ruo Bing Li



1st Place – Emily Hagopian

2nd Place – John Muggenborg

3rd Place – Tim Griffith

Architecture Winner, Emily Hagopian

Architecture Winner, Emily Hagopian



1st Place – Kristina Varaksina

2nd Place – Maria Kanevskaya

3rd Place – Samantha Sneider

Student Winner, Kristina Varaksina

Student Winner, Kristina Varaksina