Anyone who uses the Canon Eos C100 knows how versatile and portable it is considering the quality of images it is capable of capturing. Even though it was released a year ago in November of 2012, the Canon C100 upgrade will include the new dual pixel CMOS Auto Focus and should provide a pretty significant boost .The Canon C100 upgrade  will make your camera even more capable of capturing your subjects in the middle of the frame with a sharpness that will be unparalleled.

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So what does this mean for the user of the camera in everyday situations? Obviously the AF capabilities of the camera will be drastically improved. If you work with small crews, then you will be glad to find that you will not have to be manually focusing your rig all the time. This was a real drawback of the old sensor, as it was difficult to manage for long shots and needed special attention to detail. Now with proprietary CMOS sensor technology, you can maintain smooth, continuous Auto Focus that will require a lot less finesse on your end.

The upgrade is available on all compatible Canon EF lenses and will greatly reduce image blur for those pesky tracking shots. AF speed will be doubled for the cameras one shot function, meaning you can focus on images in the center of the imaging area with the push of a button. Also, the addition of AF lock increases flexibility by allowing you to set focus distance in advance through focus preset. For all intents and purposes, the C100 can become the single camera you use on a shoot.

The optional upgrade will go for $500 and will be made available in Febuary of 2014 at Cannon USA.

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