As I type this sentence, there is a miniature party going on inside my mind. It’s a highly exclusive and there is only one-way to get invited – pick up the fall issue of Resource Magazine! If you’ve read us before, you know that Resource Magazine is positively loaded with useful trade information, such as Part VIII of the ‘Going Pro’ series, which emphasizes the never-ending importance of educating yourself in the craft of photography.

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We asked our very own geek unit to break down the anatomy of a speed light shoot in a variety of contexts, so you always know what to do. Learn the basics of social media marketing, how to put together a pro-level portfolio and website. To top it off, we have some tips on photo assisting for young, upcoming photographers who are looking to get their feet wet.

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What would this party be if there weren’t a few new people for you to meet? Allow us to introduce you to our ultra savvy winners of Photographer of the Day and EDU competitions. Did I mention we’re also giving VIP access to the legendary mind of Antoine Verglas and a backstage pass to the inner workings of Sigma?

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As the holidays rapidly approach us, you can get ahead of the game when writing up that yearly wish list with our comprehensive breakdown of the best gadgets, gear and toys. Whether you listen to music, want better photos or sound from your iPad/iPhone, or need a top level stylus for your graphic design needs, we got you with our best suggestions for gear that will make your friends green with envy!

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This is just scratching the surface of what we’ve got going on in our newest issue, which is far and away our best yet. So what are you waiting for? Dive into the fall issue of resource and their just might be a party in your mind too.

Pick up Resource Magazine at your local Newsstand or at Barnes and Noble. Better yet, get Resource delivered to your doorstep for a gift that keeps on giving or subscribe to our digital edition for even more bonus materials.

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