So you want to be a photographer. Good for you! But in today’s digital age, how do you get your name out there and make sure the people in power’s eyeballs are on your stuff?

Next week’s APA panel will help you do just that. The seminar, titled “Creative Marketing for the Web,” includes five industry experts who know what’s what and are willing to share their little pearls of wisdom with you young grasshoppers. These gurus on the pimping of your portfolio include:

  • Andrew Fingerman (yes, that is his real last name, but he doesn’t let that stop him): CEO of PhotoShelter. Former head of marketing and creator of twenty free downloadable photography business guides to help freelancers and small businesses grow. Frequent photographer of his children and his culinary creations.
  • Kayla Clements: Creative Marketing Producer at Kate Ryan Inc. Manager of websites, blogs, printed promotions, social media and more for the agency. Promoter of photographers, stylists, art directors and manicurists alike.
  • Kyle Kilness: Director of Business Development at Kate Ryan Inc. Engager of new and prospective clients. Strategic and consistent promoter of the Kate Ryan-represented artists.
  • Samantha West: Advertising, Editorial & Celebrity Photographer. Amazon born into the concrete jungle of New York City on New Years Day 1983 (well, color us intrigued…). Lover of vintage nudes, Fred Astaire, mermaid hair and barefoot cooking. Nominee for PDN’s 30 under 30.
  • Kane Giblin: Interactive Marketing & Web Coordinator at Foto Care. Marketing newbie and recent photography grad. Social media aficionado and enthusiastic shutterbug.

These five lovely panelists have promised to answer all of your questions (or at least the relevant ones), while sharing what they see as the do’s and don’ts of creative marketing for the web. As Yoda would say (if Yoda were a budding photographer): “To the panel must you go. Much knowledge you will gain. Exploding your web presence will be.”

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Creative Marketing for the Web

November 19, 6 p.m.

PhotoShelter (33 Union Square West, 3R Space)

Tickets $10 for APA|NY Members, $15 for Non-Members

For more information or to purchase tickets, visit