Red Bull has been holding down the energy drink game for years now, its time to face facts. We got over Monster Energy when we entered the ninth grade. Does anybody even drink Rockstar, or Amp, or Jolt anymore? Besides the fact that Red Bull actually tastes delicious if you’ve acquired a taste for it, the brand has been so powerful when it comes to, ahem, spreading its wings in other ventures. I mean seriously, they own the naming rights to the Major League Soccer team representing the New York/New Jersey metropolitan areas. They brought us this amazing clip earlier in the year. Overall, no beverage company is investing in lifestyle marketing the way Red Bull is. They’ve been supporting events for music, action sports, and the arts for a while now and some really interesting products have come out of those efforts.

Red-Bull, Illume, Photobook, Action-Sports, Energy-Drinks, Photography

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Which brings me to the RedBull Illume Photo Book. Sponsored by Leica, Broncolor, and Sun-Sniper, this book shows that the energy giant is serious about photography too. The book showcases the best work from the Illume Photo Quest, which is the third iteration of the contest. Contents include 250 high gloss images of the best action sports photography in the world and a backstage pass to the stories behind the images. Winners in each category were awarded Leica X2 cameras. There will be only 5,000 copies of the book in print so be sure to grab one here. Red Bull is also taking the show on the road by making stops in a few major cities where fans can check out exhibitions including interactive photo shoots.

Red-Bull, Illume, Photobook, Action-Sports, Energy-Drinks, Photography


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