Ricoh has just announced the release of two brand new Pentax lenses, the HD PENTAX-DA 20-40mmF2.8-4ED Limited DC WR and the PENTAX-08 WIDE ZOOM.

The HD PENTAX-DA 20-40mmF2.8-4ED Limited DC WR is the first zoom lens of the Limited Lens series, and was designed for use with a PENTAX K-mount lens and is interchangeable with digital cameras.  This lens features a lens-installed AF driving motor and a dependable weather-resistant construction.  The high quality Limited Lens series is known for it’s extraordinary visual description and its distinctive appearance, with scrupulous finish in every detail. Some of the features include it’s two-times zoom range covering focal lengths from moderate wide-angle to standard, and a large maximum aperture of F2.8 at its wide-angle end.  It also has Limited Lens series quality for excellent visual description and premium appearance, state of the art optical technology, and a weather resistant lens which is the first in the Limited Lens series. Some other features this lens has is a round shaped diaphragm to pronounce a natural looking blur effect, a quick shift focus system which allows the user to instantly switch to manual-focus operation after the subject is captured in focus by the camera’s AF system, and inner-focus mechanism for high-speed, low-noise AF operation.

The PENTAX-08 WIDE ZOOM is the world’s smallest and lightest wide-angle zoom lens.  It was designed for exclusive use with the super-compact Q-mount digital lens, and is interchangeable with cameras.  This lens is introduced as the newest model of the Q-mount lens series, and provides focal-length coverage from 17.5mm to 27mm (in the 35mm format) when mounted on the PENTAX Q7 camera body.  This makes it useful for a variety of subjects including snapshots, architecture and landscapes. Some of it’s best features include it’s super lightweight and compact design, it’s Inner-focus mechanism for high-speed, low-noise AF operation, it’s built-in lens shutter equipped with a neutral density filter and an iris diaphragm, and it’s Quick-Shift Focus system for instant switching to manual-focus operation after the subject is captured in focus by the camera’s AF system. This lens is the lightest, most compact on the market today.