Color us obsessed with Oleg Oprisco. The Russian photographer’s dreamy portraits and whimsical fine art work have got us swooning all over the place. His photos are soft and dreamy, yet with a dark, unsettling edge—something not quite right in this fairy tale kingdom of orange-lipped waifs and fluttering butterflies.

Oprisco is a deft colorist, striking a lovely balance between hazy landscape and bright patches of indigo or scarlet, and his sense of composition and proportion gives his models a doll-like quality, porcelain figurines dwarfed by towering stacks of books or suitcases or perched delicately on the roof of a house so ramshackled we click carefully lest we unsettle it and send the structure tumbling into the sea.

Oprisco’s is an enchanted, and enchanting world, and we’d love to wander around his photographs for a spell. Check out his website and Facebook page for more loveliness to fill your Monday.