For those of you out there who are unfamiliar with Eyetime 2013, it is the brainchild of  Morpholio, one of the most inventive and useful tools for creative professionals today. By combining the utility of other portfolio apps with the ability to share work with a lively community of artists, Morpholio has created a unique experience. Through the app, you can create an extremely well designed and visually pleasing portfolio that is easily customizable and viewable to present your work in the best possible light. You can even create prints for your photos. To take things a step further, Morpholio has added a sharing component where it is possible to collaborate with several of the apps tools such as Crit, where you can invite colleagues to view your work and provide feedback. Pinup allows users to bring their projects into the public forum and allows viewers to comment on and follow your work.

Morpholio, Eyetime-2013, photography, competition, obsoquasi

© Obsoquasi/ One-shot Stories 2013/ Emerging Talent Jury Winner

Morpholio, Eyetime-2013, Cloud, Creative, Photography, Arts, Community, Contest, Social-Media, Dean-West

© Dean West / In Pieces/ Emerging Talent Jury Winner

In order to fully test the possibilities of this amazing app, Morpholio’s Eyetime 2013 continues the idea and tradition of community and creative excellence. Originally, Eyetime was created with the sole purpose of giving a voice to young, emerging talent in the photo world through the exposure that the Morpholio platform provides. Selecting the finalists for the Eyetime 2013 photography competition was a tremendous cross collaborative effort between the ICP (International Center of Photography), APA (American Photographic Artists), ADC (Art Directors Club), The Morpholio Project, Resource magazine, Wired Magazine, Light Stalking, Shutter Sisters, Psychology for Photographers, DBA, Bustler, Archinect, NYIP, PhotoCompete, The ArchitectureRoom, The Eyetime 2013 photo contest and The PhotographyBlog, who all played a huge part in giving the contestants for Eyetime 2013 as much exposure as possible. Part of what really made this contest special was the way in which live dialog between the participants on the nuances of their work, creating a truly special forum for all to learn and improve their craft.

Morpholio, Eyetime-2013, Cloud, Creative, Photography, Arts, Community, Tiberio-Ventura

© Tiberio Ventura / Who I am/ Future Voices Jessica Lum Award Jury Winner

Resource Magazine’s own Adam Sherwin and Aurelie Jezequel were on the Jury that selected winning images from Dean West, Simon Chang, Obsoquasi, Edward Neumann, Tiberio Ventura, Michael Santiago and Nicholai Go. In addition, the public chose winners Javier Corso and Rainer Weston. In honor of Jessica Lum, a supremely talented photojournalist who dedicated her life to giving a voice to others and past Eyetime Jury member, Morpholio created awards in her honor for exceptional photography work. Alessandro Falco and Tiberio Ventura were awarded winning photos in this new category. Here at Resource, we were amazed at the quality of talent that came out of the contest.

Morpholio, Eyetime-2013, Cloud, Creative, Photography, Arts, Community, Javier-Corso

© Javier Corso / Painter of Battles / Emerging Talent Public Winner

Eyetime 2013 provided a window into the possibilities of the cloud and social media when it is applied in a strictly creative sense. This is an important step in democratizing the process of making great art and everybody who participated contributed to making photography a discussion on craft. We look forward to seeing what next year’s contest produces, but for now, enjoy the fantastic work of some fresh talent.

Check out the full list of finalists for the Eyetime 2013 Competition here.

Morpholio, Eyetime-2013, Cloud, Creative, Photography, Arts, Community, Tiberio-Ventura

© Tiberio Ventura/ Wasted youth / Future Voices Jury Winner