Gabriel Biderman, self-taught travel and fine art photographer, loves the process of creating an image. Although his Nikon D700 helps him to create beautiful digital images, he’s still captivated by film, using analog cameras, pinholes and plastic cameras alike, and makes sure to get in the darkroom at least once a month to spend some quality time with his negatives and fixer.  “I’m a big fan of choosing a specific camera to get me into a certain mindset,” he says on his website. After moving to Brooklyn nine years ago and working briefly as a fine art printer, he was hired by B&H where he represents them at trade shows and seminars, practicing photography all over the globe.


Biderman’s portfolio includes time-exposed photography, shots of bridges and of course ruinism–shots of ancient ruins around the world that exemplify the beauty of decay. Now, with Gabriel Biderman and Tim Cooper’s new book, Night Photography, From Snapshots to Great Shots, you can learn how to “bend time with long exposure photography.” Biderman’s book will teach you the basics of digital night photography, from how to focus in the dark to setting your white balance, all the way to post-processing tricks in Lightroom or Photoshop. It’s an invaluable tool for the aspiring night photographer, and an easy way to learn from one of the best. Once you master Biderman’s techniques, you can even share your successful images on the book’s flickr group.

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