With christmas quickly approaching, most parents are scrambling to get last minuet gifts for their children.  If you have a little photographer in the household, shopping for gifts is even more difficult.  We know it’s hard to find a balance between good quality, photo related toys that also won’t break the bank, but don’t worry, Resource has your back.  We’ve compiled a list of twelve gift ideas for the little photographer in your household that they’re sure to love.

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Digital Blue LEGO Classic Brick Digital Camera$49.99 via Adorama

Although this camera looks as if it’s made completely out of LEGOs, we promise you it isn’t.  Finding a camera that produces high quality photos, but is made for a child is no easy task.  The Digital Blue LEGO Classic Brick Digital Camera is perfect: it can’t be taken apart, but kids can add their own lego pieces to it, it’s a full functioning 3 Megapixel digital camera with a color 1.5″ LCD screen, but it won’t leave your wallet empty. For only $50 with free shipping in the USA, this  could be ideal for any LEGO and photography loving child!

gift-ideas, photography, arts

DIY Pinhole Camera and Sunprint Kit: $25.00 via Photojojo

This kit provides two old favorites in one gift, and is sure to have your kids learning about darkroom photography while having fun at the same time. The Sunprint Kit uses solar power to expose shadows made by any object placed on the light sensitive paper. From handprints, to negatives, anything will work on the Sunprint Kit, which will leave your kids hoping for a sunny christmas. The Pinhole Camera Kit, also included, provides everything needed to make a fully functional pinhole camera. There are no lenses, no bells and whistles, but your kids will be astounded at the results coming from a camera they made.

gift-ideas, photography, arts

The Game of Photo-opoly: $29.99 via Toys R Us

The Game of Photo-opoly is like monopoly, but better.  It’s personalized to your family, and lets you choose twenty-two of your favorite images to create the perfect game for a birthday, anniversary, or in this case, the holidays. A two to six player game, Photo-opoly is sure to be a family favorite this christmas, so grab some hot cocoa, let the kids have an extra candy cane, and sit down around the tree with your Photo-opoly board.

gift-ideas, photography, arts

The Camera Cookie Cutter Set: $17.95 via DIY Photography

Simple, yet fun, the Camera Cookie Cutter Set is a great gift that the whole family can be a part of. The set comes with three different camera shapes: SLR, TLR, and rangefinder. Made from high impact, BPA free, food grade plastic, you don’t just have to use these for cookies, they’re also great for fun shaped sandwhiches and ice-cream sandwiches. All you need is some cookie dough, a little icing, and you’ll have everything you need to create edible cameras with the kids.

gift-ideas, photography, arts

The Tatty Camera Tattoo Set $5.00 via Tattly

Let your kids live out their fantasy of having a tattoo without the needles and burly, tattooed men. The Tatty Camera Tattoo Set provides two, non-toxic camera tattoos that come on and off with a sponge. You have a lot of options with Julia Rothman’s series of vintage camera designs, so why not tell your kids to go get a sleeve of camera tattoos?

gift-ideas, photography, arts

Inkodye Photo Fabric Dye Kit $14.95 via Lumi

Have your kids ever wished they could print their photographs on shirts, sweatpants, tote-bags — anything made of fabric? The Inkodye Photo Fabric Dye Kit is the answer, and will allow your children to create cool designs on fabric without screen printing. All you have to do is apply the Inkodye, block the light with a negative, expose the fabric and negative in the sun for about ten to twenty minuets on a sunny day, peel, wash, and wear! Your kids will be ecstatic when they realize they’ll be able to create their own clothing from their photographs.

gift-ideas, photography, arts

Click Click Click! $12.78 via Amazon

Get your kids to read, thats right, I said read, with the book Click Click Click! Photography for Children. This is an informative and up to date guide on digital photography that will help kids of all ages who are just beginning on their photography journey. The pages are colorful and interesting, written in a way that is sure to catch your child’s attention, helping them to learn more about digital cameras and photography.

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Spy Gear Panosphere 360 Spy Cam $19.99 via Toys R Us

Perfect for the little spys in your household, the Spy Gear Panosphere 360 Spy Cam is sure to keep your kids busy for hours.  The Spy Cam captures 360 degrees, letting your kids snoop from another room while also playing with this unique camera that catches things from all angles.

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Playskool Showcam $49.99 via Toys R Us

A camera and projector in one, the Playskool Showcam is an awesome camera that will instantly allow your kids to show off all of their work. The camera also allows children to add animations, stories, and sounds to the images they take.  With more than fifty effects to choose from, room to store one thousand photos, and pictures that are easy to save, print, and e-mail, this two in one camera and projector is a great choice for any child that has been begging for a camera this year.


gift-ideas, photography, arts

Disderi Robot Cams $9.95 via Four Corner Store

A favorite sampler camera for years, the Disderi Robot Cams are perfect for kids. They offer two, three and four shot cameras that creates a shooting sequence, allowing your son or daughter to tell a little story with their images. Just like your children, each camera has it’s own unique personality. With it’s 28mm f8 lens, whats not to love about this camera? Having trouble choosing which one to get? With a price like $9.95, why not just get all three?

gift-ideas, photography, artsgift-ideas, photography, arts

Pixie Black /  Brass Wooden Toy Camera  with Personalized Camera Strap with Name $40.00 via Etsy

Have smaller children who aren’t quite ready for a real camera yet? Why not allow them to shoot with their imagination, using the Pixie Black Brass Wooden Toy Camera with a Personalized Camera Strap? These beautifully handcrafted and eco friendly wooden cameras are perfect for little ones.  Prevent them from feeling left out while their older siblings use their cameras with these perfectly sized toy cameras.  The personalized camera strap adds the perfect touch to make your tot feel special.