Tis the season for holiday travel, when every minute that ticks by brings us one step closer to a much-needed, end-of year vacation. For those of you jetting off far from home, you may find yourself in a pickle: how to bring that perfect balance of gear with you–just enough so you have all the options you want but not so much that you need to hire a Sherpa. Luckily for you, Adorama has a comprehensive list of their top 12 camera bags for the photographer on the go, whether you’re camping for one, road tripping across the country, or navigating a crowded city with three kids in tow.

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Kata D-Light Bumblebee 210
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Mason Resnick breaks the bags down into four main categories: the carry-on rolling bag (the carry-on piece is important—especially during this hectic travel season, nobody wants to arrive at their destination only to find that their gear took a wrong turn toward Timbuktu), the backpack, the shoulder bag and the fanny pack.

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Think Tank Takeoff Check-in
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Each bag has its perks and disadvantages. Before choosing the right bag for you, you need to nail down what exactly your travel shooting needs are. How much gear do you absolutely need to bring? Are you going for jetsetter chic, or just looking for the most convenient mode for schlepping your stuff from Point A to Point B? How much walking around are you going to be doing with a potentially heavy pack? Do you want room for other travel essentials, such as a guidebook or sunscreen, or is this going to be a dedicated camera-only bag?

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Ape Case Pro Digital SLR/Laptop Case
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Once you know what you want, Adorama is ready to help you fight that perfect Goldilocks fit to make your travels as smooth as possible.

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Lowepro Outback 200 AW
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Check out their list here! Whether you’re shopping for yourself, or for a certain somebody who’s been very good this year, this breakdown is just the ticket to get you started.