You spend thousands upon thousands of dollars on it. It represents both your work and your life’s passion. And yet, when you’re not using it, where does all that pretty pretty gear go?

If, like most people, you answered with some sort of hidden storage option (bag, cabinet, under the bed), then British inventor James Madelin has an alternative for you. His latest creation, Phlite, turns your tripods, cameras, and other photo gear into beautiful house wares, namely table or floor lamps.

The product is simple enough: a stream-lined, elegant light that attaches to the tripod or the flash mount of your camera, sliding easily on and off so you can enjoy your lamp while still being ready to shoot at a moment’s notice (the patent for the attachment mount is currently pending). Phlite comes in two sizes, small and large, and can even be used without a base, sitting flush on the floor or a table to provide a sleek modern light source even when you’re out on a shoot.

Madelin and his company, Enlight Photo Ltd., have been selling their inventions to amateur and professional photographers for a few years now, and Phlite itself has been in development for a year, but this month they’re taking to Kickstarter, launching a campaign earlier this month in hopes of scoring enough funding to really ramp up production to a much broader scale.

As Madelin says, “Launching on Kickstarter is the perfect match for Phlite. Anyone who loves photography gear will love it, but then there are a ton of people who just love great design too, who don’t spend any time checking out photo blogs, magazines, or shopping for photo gear. Phlite is a mash-up of photo gear and well-designed lighting.”

Throughout the campaign, Madelin and his team will be posting video updates about their Kickstarter experience. You can be a part of their in-Phlite journey by following along, or by contributing to the campaign. Check out their Kickstarter page here!