By Aurelie Jezequel.

Back when I was working as a producer for Martin Schoeller, I met Mike Wilson, who was his first assistant. Besides always having fun with those guys, I also really enjoyed seeing them work together—the connection between a photographer and his first assistant is pretty unique. In a way, they become two people with one mind… Fast-forward a few years: Mike is starting an adventure of his own. He gets married and set off to hike the whole of the Appalachian Trail with his new bride. That’s right, the whole damn thing—close to 2,200 miles across 14 states, ending all the way up in Maine where the newlyweds finally settle.


Appalachia Trail Michael Wilson

© Michael Wilson

Mike documented their 5,000,000 steps and came back with an incredible photographic collection: not only stunning landscapes but also beautiful portraits of their fellow hikers—an incredible assortment of people in their own right. This is what he says about it:

Other bodies of work have beautifully captured the physical nature of the Appalachian Trail and the landscape it moves through. Yet they somehow miss the true spirit of the trail, a place where strangers reach out to each other and judgments are held in abeyance. Here, all are equal; all are free; and all have their own reasons for starting, continuing and finishing their journey. The most beautiful, inspiring, and moving scenes on the Appalachian Trail are of those traveling it.

Now, Mike wants to turn this adventure into a book. He has almost reached his goal. Will you help him make it happen? His Indiegogo page is here.