Michron, a device created by Steven and Greg from Vivo Labs, plugs into your camera and allows beginner and experienced photographers to take time lapses.  Unlike all intervalometers before it, Michron is affordable and easy to use.  “Time lapse is really fun,” said Steven, “we just want to make it more accessible.”

One of the biggest innovations of Michron is that the user interface isn’t on the device itself, it’s on your smart phone.  Don’t worry, your phone won’t be stuck the whole time you take a time lapse, once you input your settings you can unplug your phone.  Once you upload your settings from your smart phone, you simple unplug your phone and let your camera do all of the work.  Once the time lapse is finished, you simply plug your camera or memory card into your computer and compile the time lapse with paid or free software.

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While Michron is extremely easy to use, with the ability to shoot completely in auto, it also has a lot of powerful features that more advanced photographers will like.  It has bulb ramping, allowing smooth light transitions, interval ramping, allowing users to change the interval between shots during the time lapse, HRD bracketing, allowing multiple exposures to be made for every photo taken in the time lapse, and even an external trigger, allowing you to take a photo on your camera through a trigger on your phone.

Both Steven and Greg are passionate about photography, and hope to make time lapse photography available for everyone. “It’s time to make time lapse part of every photographer’s kit,” Steven remarked in the Kickstarter video. “Whether it’s shooting epic landscapes, or a family home video,  we hope that Michron’s price and ease of use will allow for time lapse to become as common as video and photos.”