The Ribcage Modification Kit by Back-Bone is perfect for photographers who love shooting with their GoPro Hero 3 or 3+ Black, but are tired of it’s fixed focus, extreme wide angle lens.

Photographers love their GoPro Hero 3 because of it’s features like burst mode, timelapse, 12mp stills, its WiFi remote, its multiple camera sync, pro low-light performance, and its smartphone app.  With video resolutions going up to 4K, and video Frame rates of 12-240 FPS, this camera is a fan favorite for many photographers. The only frustrating thing about the GoPro Hero 3+ is its fixed focus wide angle lens, which gives each shot a fish-eye look.

The Ribcage Modification Kit will transform your GoPro into a C mount interchangeable lens camera, allowing you to attach any lens onto the camera with the correct adapter rings.  You will be available to use lenses from popular manufacturers such as Canon, Nikon, and Pentax, all on your GoPro.

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There are many advantages to having Ribcage’s Modification Kit, like the ability to create more cinematic shots with focus control, macro, optical zoom, and F-Stop adjustments.  With the ribcage you’ll have depth of field, manual focus and less distortion by adding different lenses, adjustable zoom, and the ability for night vision, all with incredible affordability. The Ribcage Modification Kit includes two preciscion aluminum parts, a removable IR cut filter, detailed instructions, and all of the required hardware.

Since Back-Bone is always trying to improve the Ribcage, some features that are in production include adjustable flange distance, a lanyard attachment, and CMOS centered tripod mount.

If you have a GoPro Hero 3 or 3+ Black, and are yearning for higher quality images that your GoPro’s fixed focus, wide angle lens just can’t give you, then the Ribcage Modification kit is the answer for you, allowing you to create cinematic, georgous video without breaking your budget.

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