The 365 Grateful project all started because photographer Hailey Bartholomew was feeling down.  She had every reason to be happy, yet she wasn’t finding joy in the life she was living.  In an effort to fight depression, Hailey went to see a nun. This nun unlocked the secret of happiness for Hailey, telling her that reflection and gratitude was all it took to lead a happy life.  The nun gave her a project, telling her to reflect about her day and come up with one thing to be grateful for each day.  For ten days Hailey wrote down what she was grateful for, which made her realize she was missing out on so much.

This is how the 365 Grateful was born.  Hailey began to photograph one thing each day that she felt grateful for.  She bought enough Polaroid film to last her through the year, and began her journey. At first she thought of the project as a chore, but slowly she began to enjoy it.  After a while, it was hard for her to take only one picture a day. The project improved her outlook immensely, and soon she noticed that her marriage, spiritual life, and health improved.  The project opened her eyes to how much her husband truly cares about her, and also showed her how beautiful nature is when you take a second to notice it.

Hailey posted her 365 Grateful project on Flickr and it began to get noticed.  People began doing their own 365 Grateful project’s, and before long Haileys project went viral.  Her project made it into newspaper articles, magazines, radio broadcasts and, of course, blogs. 365 Grateful has had a huge impact on the lives of people who love it, many write to Hailey and tell her about how their own projects have changed their outlook on life.

Now a documentary is being made about Hailey’s project that will cover Hailey’s journey, as well as how gratitude has effected the lives of others. They’re even working on a section where fans will be able to upload their own 365 Grateful projects.

Why not make 2014 a year of being Grateful? While new years resolutions like going to the gym more, and eating healthier usually fail within the first month, being grateful and starting your own 365 grateful project might just be a resolution you’ll be able to keep.

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