For collectors, connoisseurs or simply anyone looking to add a touch of class to their surroundings, Project B is a gem. Its founder Barbara Levine and her team have accumulated years of experience and passion in material culture and art to provide a variety of beautiful, high-quality photographs, prints and artifacts – each of them precious in their uniqueness, rarity, mystery and age.

Since 2000, Project B has offered albums (separated by theme, such as Japanese Film Noir and It’s A Dog’s Life) centered around four curatorial principles:

  • there is beauty to be found in anonymity
  • imperfect photographs have more stories to tell
  • quality enlargements allows the viewer to learn more about a photo by its details
  • vintage items should last as long as possible

Aside from curating Project B, Levine is an author of three books on history as told through photographs, letters and other artifacts.  Her collections have been featured in museums, where she has held directorial positions and contributed greatly. One of her early vernacular photograph albums remains permanently in the International Center of Photography.

About Project B and her passion for collecting, Levin says: “I have been collecting and selling unusual and offbeat photographs by unknown photographers for the past thirty years. I think of it as giving new life to discarded and forgotten images that have somehow survived so many years later.  In the 20th century, photography became a populist medium and many extraordinary photographs have humble or unknown origins. For me, the best vernacular photographs exert a power to fascinate through composition, subject matter and mystery. I collect with an eye to the forgotten and overlooked in the belief that a great photograph transcends its origins.  Recently, with all the technological changes in how we make and share photographs, I  have been inspired to rethink how we experience snapshots and other vernacular photographic forms and to share my archive in the form of curating special collections of large format limited edition prints. Our prints are meticulously made by fine art printers on heavyweight archival paper. We honor the surface wear and age of the image as it is part of the story of the image and we think of the finished prints as contemporary photographic artifacts. Best part – they are gorgeous and affordable!”