The ShadowCam S-5 is the world’s first “3-axis” hand held camera stabilizer made for DSLR cameras and high-end pro series cinema cameras like Canon C-series.  The people at ShadowCam have thought of everything; this hand held camera stabilizer folds flat for easy transportation, can be used with a shoulder rig, doesn’t require any tools, and is completely safe to use with your camera!

Red Epic and Black Magic dampen movement on the vertical and horizontal planes through the latest AlexMos hardware and software.  It has silent brushless motors and a compact, two-way shock device that is completely unique to the S-5 that dampers approximately 180mm (7”) of travel when moved in a vertical or horizontal direction.  This minimizes any bob and weave effect that can be created by walking or running.

In order to design the ShadowCam S-5 they had the rethink the idea of the electronic stabilizer.  By doing this, they created a unique and flexible device that can be easily merged with existing equipment.  The position of the camera within the gimbal was raised so that framing a shot is easier and more in line with other shoulder rigs. It’s made of curved carbon fiber and has an aluminum frame that makes it lightweight, maneuverable and compact.  This makes it easy to get tight shots. Once it’s arms are folded down, the frame measures an impressive 230mm (9”) wide, and can be operated with one hand.

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The ShadowCam has many important features that make it shine above all other hand held camera stabilizers.  The ShadowCam S-5 has the ability to become a shoulder rig.  All you have to do is attach a standard shoulder support system to a clamp located underneath the rear accessory plate.

The ShadowCam S-5 can also fold flat, which makes it easy to transport.  You can even transport the whole system while having your camera and monitor attached to the rig.  This will save you time and frustration since you won’t have to set up your camera with each new location you travel to.

You also have the ability to use your own follow-focus, filters, and barn doors. The ShadowCam S-5 incorporates an industry-standard rail system just for that purpose.

No tools are required with the ShadowCam S-5! It has tool-free adjustment for grips, arms, rig adaptor, and balancing set-up.  It also has twenty-¼” threaded mounting holes located around the frame which will enable you to attach monitors, lights or anything that has a standard ¼” thread.  As if that wasn’t enough, ShadowCam also includes two additional adaptor clamps that can be attached anywhere on the frame.

Most importantly, the ShadowCam S-5 puts safety first.  It incorporates important safety features like additional catches located on the quick-release top handle so nothing can be unlatched by accident, an auto-lock feature found on the camera mounting plate and rails so that the camera won’t slip off while balancing or loading. Additionally, the frame was tested to destruction so ShadowCam is sure their product can take quite a pounding!

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