Welcome back to our Streamline Your Workflow contest for professional photographers! After taking a short hiatus due to all the craziness of our massive EDU2013 contest this past Summer, we are returning stronger than ever with a very talented artist and entrepreneur, Lee Cherry. Lee has recently set up his brand new workspace and studio for his company Cherry Multimedia. With the capability to handle a wide variety of content ranging from video shoots, dance photography, musicians, celebrities and fashion, everyone at Resource was excited to see Lee submitting work for the Streamline Your Workflow contest. The idea of working with Lee as the pro shooter to re-launch our Streamline Your Workflow contest was a no brainer as he’ll be tweeting, posting and sharing all of his awesome experiences using the Phase One camera system and the DF Studio software to manage all of his digital assets. Lee says “Well I’m definitely keeping busy on all fronts. Video one day, photo shoot the next and project managing the next. I speak the native tongues of many disciplines. I look forward to trying out the system and letting everyone know about how it goes via my Twitter account and Facebook page. Be sure to stop by the blog as well. I’ll be posting images and BTS shots from my tests with the Phase One gear.”

Lee-Cherry-Streamline-Your-Workflow, Art, Dance, Music, Fashion, Photography

© Lee Cherry

Lee will be test-driving some really sweet new gear to help him achieve his goals of providing quality content across multiple media platforms. Phase One is going to be hooking him up with their super sexy Phase One IQ 180 and will be synergizing it with RAW C1 Pro 7.0 conversion software which Lee loves “the way Capture One handles the images. They just look better. The adjustment tools are like a fine brush as opposed to a blunt instrument.” In addition to this, Lee is getting his hands on DF Studio cloud based storage to help him save and keep track of all his wonderful work. For a guy who is so busy and produces so much, this will undoubtedly come in handy for him. At the end of the trial run, Lee will receive a free 24 x 36 print courtesy of Gotham Imaging.

Lee-Cherry, Streamline-Your-Workflow, Arts, Dance, Music, Fashion, Photography

© Lee Cherry

We would like to thank our excellent sponsors and Lee Cherry for submitting his work and participating in the contest. Stay tuned, as we will be following his progress and conducting an interview after he gets a chance to try out all this gear!

A big thanks to our “Streamline Your Workflow” sponsors –

streamline-your-workflow, contest, phaseone, df-studio, gotham-imaging     streamline-your-workflow, contest, phaseone, df-studio, gotham-imaging

streamline-your-workflow, contest, phaseone, df-studio, gotham-imaging