After two very successful products Cinemoco and Cineskates, Cinetics launches Axis360 – its newest compact motorized tripod especially designed through an amazing collaboration between Cinetics and the Kickstarter community.


Because of the extreme portability of Axis360, it is quite perfect for small production crews who are always on the go, making their panning and sliding scenes easier and more comfortable than a cakewalk. Axis360 promises a wide range of speeds as well as a number of system of combinations that makes the goal of Cinetics continually on point – which is to enable their clients to capture videos through controlled camera movement. Cinetics is also quite proud that Axis360, just like their other projects are handcrafted to perfection.


Today, as this news gets posted at this very moment, Cinetics has just unveiled Axis360 on their own site. The launch of Axis360 today aims to present their KickStarter Campaign to gather more funding and support from the KickStarter community for a more successful production.

Cinetics is actually quite psyched for this campaign as the whole idea of Axis360 is a collaboration that is shared with the KickStarter community themselves. Axis360 is birthed from the feedbacks of the Cinetics supporters from their KickStarter Community. Axis360 was built especially to cater to the specified needs of their users.


Axis360 is using CineMoco controller which Cinetics assures to be compatible with most Canon and Nikon SLRs. The Axis 360 is available in 3 packages, the Basic, Plus and Pro. The Basic Package has the CineMoco controller, Tripod and Ballhead which is are perfect for that smooth panning. The Pro package on the other hand grants you motorized and balanced tilting moves and the Pro kit giving you everything the Plus kit has to offer added with a slider rails for steady horizontal and vertical camera movements.


Be one of the first to get Axis360 as it gets to be displayed together with the other products of Cinetics at SXSW trade show on March 9-12.

For more information, you make contact Cinematics.