By Mitchell Parsons

Amongst all the pictures of food and nonsense on Facebook sometimes a gem will pop up and remind me why I keep using my account. Thanks to my Facebook friend, Hanna who posted Jamie Dunmore’s video saying, “Stop scrolling and watch this” … I stopped scrolling and watched it… (thanks Hanna). I immediately contacted Jamie asking to interview him…

Self-described as “an aspiring Public Figure/Speaker/Activist that’s trying to expand human consciousness.”, Jamie Dunmore’s spoken word video, “My Call For Humanity” impressed and moved me. It gave me much to think about. Things I wish more people would think about.

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Are we learning, Jamie? As a species, are we learning from the mistakes of the past? With all the wars going on around the world I sometimes think the biggest war is a silent war, a war for human consciousness between those would would be free and those who would control it. Some of us, like yourself can see a bigger picture, but there are many who still have a blindfold on. How do we get people to overcome their fears and rip off that blindfold?

Hi Mitchell. Well, as a species, I believe we are learning but in the wrong ways. We are taught what to think, not how to think and we aren’t influenced to think for ourselves. We are conditioned to follow orders, abide by the rulebook and learn from the elderly but each of these have many flaws. We have history lessons on the great world wars, the great depression and the holocaust yet we are never taught about the social psychology behind all of these tragedies that leads us to them in the first place. The record isn’t changing, we put more laws in place and try to fight violence with violence but all it does is promote more violence. Regarding wars, we are not learning. Regarding people, I think slowly we are understanding how psychology and consciousness are the roots to our problems and if we want to stop these problems from occurring, then we need to alter our psychology and what influences our psychology. The problem is that we have been conditioned to believe that it is ‘human nature’ to be violent. This is nothing but a false truth that is an excuse to comfort our bad habits. Our surroundings shape who we are. We nurture what we experience. Those who show no love are usually the ones who need love the most.
In regards to wars – ironically, when we are taught about propaganda via the education system, we are being propagandized ourselves. We are sheltered from the tyranny that happens away from home and we focus on past events before we’ve resolved the present. This is propaganda and we think it’s okay for people to die in the middle east but not in ‘our’ western countries. There is most certainly a war on consciousness. World leaders don’t want us to think for ourselves. They want us to stay in our safety net as a flock. It threatens their power and wealth when we question their authority.
You’re right, there are many who still have a blindfold on. I’m not perfect, I had my blindfold on up until the age of 17. Personally, I was able to remove my blindfold after doing a lot of introspection within myself and a lot of inspection within society. I allowed myself to feel how it feels to be a child in Afghanistan, a cow on a dairy farm, a tree in a rain forest. I came to the epiphany that I am a part of all of these things. I realized that others were dictating who my ‘family’ was, why? Why are we only seeing ‘blood relatives’ as family? Simply having blood, organs, eyes, ears, fingers and so on… these are all common enough for me to class any human being or living thing as my family. After all, we are all from the same source, right? The more one questions/thinks about things, the more epiphanies one comes to. It’s scary how controlled our moral code actually is. Why do we think it’s okay to kill people in the middle east but not okay for them to kill us? What’s the difference between Syria and a state in America, a country in Europe? There is no difference. Each of these contain humans that we’ve potentially never even met but our government labels one as allies and the other as an enemy. This is an illusion and we have become slaves to their ideology’s. I woke up by realizing – how can I live my life without helping others? I was born a white British citizen into a stable household with a loving family out of complete luck. I did not do anything in a past life that allowed me to have this privilege, (as I know of) so why do I deserve a good quality of life and others don’t? We are all brothers and sisters on this tiny ball that we call Earth. It hurts me when I know others are suffering because I know those people could be me.


Unfortunately, I don’t believe that we can make anybody take off the blindfold. The blindfold has to be removed with the hands of the body that it covers. We can only show people the door, they are the ones that have to walk through the door themselves. It has to be something that people truly want to do within themselves otherwise, the motives may be ulterior and the decision may not be pure. I also believe that if somebody’s views have come about entirely out of influence then there’s a change that they are not legit. I found my way of thinking entirely by myself which gives me a great feeling of solidity because I know that it’s real and it’s who I truly am. This is how I want others to feel.
If I had to express an idea that potentially removes the blindfolds on other humans though, I’d say that maybe a trip to the cusp of space would be a great idea. (I know, it’s a bit far-fetched) but I do believe that humanity is blinded by such a shallow perspective of reality right now. We can’t look past the concrete buildings and the city structures to see that once their was nothing but trees and life underneath. If we were to see our planet from space, maybe then we would realize how small we actually are and this would remove the illusion of ego and significance. It can be hard to accept how insignificant the human race is because it can be scary for us to feel as though we aren’t worth anything. However, the irony is that when we accept that we are insignificant, the mental barriers are released and we become free. What happens when we are free? We are at peace. We understand that anything man-made doesn’t really matter, so we focus our lives on the real things that truly mater. We find purpose and we find meaning. This is the answer.
It is true, the human race has been fed with misleading information which leads us to live our lives in fear. We are taught to survive and not to live. To forget our dreams and to chase security. We have separated ourselves into nationalities which gives us insecurities leading to fear and therefore violence. We have been distracted from our true purpose and we have lost our authenticity. We are flooded with commercials to chase fame and drown ourselves in consumerism. We are all looking for fulfillment and believe that when we have that certain something, then we will be fulfilled. It’s a hoax. I believe that maybe it will take a worldwide catastrophe to wake people up. Time is running out and sometimes I believe people will only change when the final day comes. In the mean time, all we can do is keep speaking and dedicating our lives to the cause.


On a daily basis, what kind of things do you see that grabs your soul and gives you hope?


I see hope when I see others openly determining the value of another by their honesty, integrity and morality rather than their wealth, social status and prosperity. Seeing people care about true values rather than transient, man-made values is refreshing. I also look to mother nature for hope. Animals, insects, lush green forests. Knowing that such beauty still exists makes me realize that it isn’t over for humanity just yet. We can turn this ship around, but will we? The stars and the sky also give me hope. They are so abstract and profound and it makes me believe that there is more to come. Maybe if our species was mature enough, E.T. life perhaps would show themselves to us?


Do you think social media is distracting the masses and keeping them tuned out? Or are people being exposed to valuable information that they might not normally come across without it?


I believe that social media is both a distraction and a freedom gate. It all depends what you surround yourself with and what you look for. Personally, I found a lot of answers within social media. I used it as a tool to further and expand my mind by researching information from various sources all across the world. The internet can be such a beneficial tool to us because we have the ability to do this, rather than focusing on mainstream television which only provides us with one agenda and one perspective.


How would you like to see Humanity in let’s say 20 years?


Wow. In 20 years, I would love to see humanity be at peace with ourselves. I would love to see us focus on things that matter. Generally speaking, I believe that materialism and consumerism is okay as long as they aren’t a priority and as long as they don’t distort us from reality. I’d love to see more sustainability worldwide. I’d hope that we aren’t tied up with wars along with this human constructed system. Maybe we could grow our own food and change our goals, a new paradigm and a re-established sense of meaning and how we find fulfillment. I hope we gain a sense of purpose for living that needs no guidance from outer sources. I’d love to see us relying less on medications and go back to mother nature for answers. Poverty to decrease and the thrive for money dwindling. More people aware and awake with a social conscience and an understanding of human psychology/social psychology and the entire political system re-invented.


What is one question you wish people would ask you and what is the answer?


Hmm. I suppose I would love for people to ask me why I do this? Why do I dedicate my life to this cause? Why am I blunt when stating these harsh truths? I would answer them by saying that the reason I do this is because if I don’t, this tiny little ball in one galaxy out of a billion galaxies will not be fit for human use and will not be fit for our children, brothers and sisters. This is real. This is the truth. This system can not and will not last. This is why I am opposing everything. Our culture is becoming robotic. I dedicate my life to this cause because it’s my purpose and I am blunt when speaking the harsh truth because unfortunately I believe that’s how it has to be in order to change things. People will get offended but somebody has to do it and I simply cannot pretend that things are okay when I know the truth. I will not sit back and pretend that everything is okay, talking about meaningless things whilst my brothers and sisters are dying and my home base is being destroyed by ignorance and egotism.


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What’s next for you? Any new videos or projects coming up?


I have a couple of new projects in store and a new Spoken Word video titled ‘Find The Light’ which is going to be released within the next month or so. This video touches on how I’ve dealt with the universal truth of consciousness on a personal level and how it’s affected me. I’m also writing a book and starting a clothing line all dedicated to the cause. More videos and posts will be released regularly on a weekly basis!


Thank you, Jamie! It’s people like you who give me hope.

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