Advanced Retouching Secrets of the Pros Workshop

When the term “photography” comes to mind, it usually conjures up images of a person snapping away with a camera. But for many professionals out there the fieldwork is just one facet of the entire process. It may even be just a small part. With the rise of impressive photo editing programs and software, some of the best photos we see nowadays in billboards, magazines and exhibits have been retouched. And while there is much to say about untouched photographs, retouching is here to stay. With an ever-increasing variety of tools available, there is always a way to adjust any image to your liking. APA Los Angeles wants to help you accomplish that!

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So if you want to boost the quality of your work in a matter of hours, sign up for this workshop on the advanced retouching secrets of the pros! In this day and age, Photoshop is simply a handy skill to have in your résumé. You’ll no longer be subjected to only watching Youtube tutorials – instead renowned retoucher Dennis Dunbar will lead an exploration of advanced techniques delving into such ideas as Frequency SeparationBlending Modes and Color Grading. Be prepared to get deep into these topics while learning new ideas that can take your Photoshop skills to the next level!

  • Blending Modes
    Dennis will demonstrate how these modes can be effective in making quick adjustments while also playing a critical role in adding texture and other special effects to your images.
  • Smart Objects
    You’ll see how they play a big role in non-destructive image editing that can add new flexibility to your workflow.
  • Spatial Frequency Separation 
    This technique has a power to match its name and during this part of the workshop Dennis will show how it can be used for smoothing wrinkles, retouching skin and even creating specialized sharpening layers.

Dennis will also cover other techniques such as advanced masking, color grading, brush controls and more.
Attendees should have an intermediate-level understanding of Photoshop in order to get the most out of this workshop!

March 15, 2014
location and time TBA (check the website for updates)

APA Members: $30
APA | EP Members: $50
Non Members: $70


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APA, Los-Angeles, APA-LA, Dennis-Dunbar, photography, tutorial, workshop, Photoshop, retouching

Dennis Dunbar is a Digital Artist with extensive experience in digital issues. He began compositing images in the darkroom under the tutelage of William Warren, a noted Stock Shooter. After seeing the advantages of working digitally Dennis jumped in with both feet, setting up his own studio in 1991 and soon was working extensively creating finished artwork for movie posters as well as commercial ads.

Dennis’ drive to stay on top of the various issues involved in the digital imaging world led him to also focus on Color Management and to offer consulting services to his clients in this area as well.

In the summer of 2002 Dennis was named to the Board of Directors for the Los Angeles Chapter of the Advertising Photographers of America where he serves as head of the Digital Committee. His work with the APA led him to concentrate on working with groups that are focused in the area of creating standards for the Digital Imaging. 

He is a founding member of the UPDIG (Universal Photographic Digital Imaging Guidelines) and a member of the DISC Committee as well. More information on these groups are available at: and