For all of the smartphone photographers out there, here’s something perfect for you. LUUV is a plug-and-play handheld camera stabilizer that will take the worry out of capturing action shots. Let’s face it: humans aren’t stable and we need something that can keep up with us outdoors. In that case, LUUV is all you need!

“I had the idea on a snowboarding trip in Austria about two years ago,” says Felix Kochbeck, developer and co-founder of LUUV. “I feel passionate about doing sports for fun, but I did not have the opportunity to capture my adventures with a digital camera in an easy and satisfying way.” That’s why LUUV’s tagline says it’s designed for those who move.

LUUV, handheld-camera-stabilizer, stabilizer, action-sports, photography, video, smartphone, action-cam

Remember when we attended the 3D Printshow? Well, LUUV is also created from a 3D printer. This makes it affordable, sustainable and continuously improvable! Not convinced yet? Here are some points straight from LUUV HQ.

  • Simple: LUUV can be used intuitively with one hand by pros as well as by first users.
  • Flexible: Skip the tedious process of self-balancing your camera. Simply apply the recommended setup for your device and you’ll be set to go in no time. If you continue to use the same camera you just have to set it up once.
  • Exciting: Explore surprising new perspectives when turning LUUV by 180 degrees while filming. Imagine shots just centimeters above the ground while racing down a slope on a snowboard!
  • Robust: Thanks to its sturdy shell and its configuration that goes without electronic components, LUUV can be used everywhere and anytime even in gusty weather conditions.

LUUV, handheld-camera-stabilizer, stabilizer, action-sports, photography, video, smartphone, action-cam

After receiving an award at the Berlin Hardware Accelerator 2013, the LUUV team, based at the co-working space betahaus in Berlin, is preparing to make the next important move toward a market release.

To pre-order your LUUV via their indiegogo campaign click here.
Get your hands on one and you won’t regret it!