New Archival Optical Disc Format

In late July of 2013, Sony and Panasonic signed a “basic agreement” to develop “standard professional-use next-generation optical discs.” Yesterday, the two companies announced the outcome of this agreement, the Archival Optical Disc.

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Sony and Panasonic are planning systems with a recording capacity of 300 GB per disc from summer 2015, onwards. Further plans on expansion include increasing the recording capacity per disc to 500 GB and eventually 1 TB.

Could this be the answer for photographers? It really all boils down to cost. I just hope disc manufacturers are held to a high media quality standard, because there is no point of an archival disc format if the disc’s fail after only a few years.

archival-optical-disc, archival-storage, optical-disc, photography, video, panasonic, sony

1000 GB per disc is probably a couple of years away, but how tantalizing? By comparison a 1TB disc would have the same capacity as 40 Blu-Ray disc’s, 220 DVD’s, or 1,538 CD’s.

Will those hard drives on your shelf soon be replaced with optical disks? Only time will tell.

Key Archival Optical Disc specifications

Disc size (type)300 GB (write-once)
Optical parameterWavelength ?=405 nm (nanometers), Numerical Aperture NA=0.85
Disc structureDouble-sided Disc (3 layers/side), Land and Groove Format
Track pitch0.225?m (micrometers)
Data bit length79.5nm (nanometers)
Error correction methodReed-Solomon Code

Read the full release HERE

Author: Clint Hild

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