The NuGuard KXs, launched recently is intended to provide superior protection against all kind of external abrasions such as the impacts and scratches, accidental drops, and more. The Screen Armor for the iPhone 4/4S/5/5C/5S, iPad mini, iPad mini with Retina display, iPad Air and the full-sized iPad. The protector implies advanced technology that does not sacrifice looks or aesthetics in anyway.

NuGuard KXs Screen Protector offers two kinds of coverage options – Full Size and Case Friendly. The KXs has an ultra-thin, hyper-advanced energy absorbing protective layer with the capability to provide resistance against scratch, shatter as well as impact protection that does not cause display impairment nor affects the screen’s clarity or even sensitivity. With the NuGuard KXs get it all – super protection and great functionality.  In fact, it takes all the hit on itself so your Apple device does not need to bear the trauma and thus keeps the screen looking new as ever. NuGuard KXs Screen Protector perfectly keeps the product from most kinds of atrocities to protect and prevent the inner device. There are so many instances that our phone devices need to get exposed to today, so we just cannot make it insusceptible to daily wear and tear. The latest NuGiard KXs is the Screen Protector that is so easy to imply on the i-device surface.

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The clarity and optical sensitivity of the device is preserved as the Screen Protector does not cause any kind of inappropriate impact on the same. The KXs prevents you from inducing into a costly repair as it does not allow the phone to get shattered due to sudden mishaps like falling from height or even heavy objects accidentally falling on the screen surface. There are three layers of screen protection that includes micro thin protection shield. The protection layer provided by the shield keeps dust/dirt away from device screen; images are seen crystal clear with no distortion; anti-fingerprint coating as well as yellowing or hazing over time. The second layer offers hammer proof toughness with 5H hardness scaling rating. The high-end Kinetic Energy X-Orbiting technology ensures that there’s self-healing from any kind of minor deformation. The final adhesive layer of the screen protector allows for self-adhesive benefit and bubble-free installation; no water or other liquids are required. One pressed on the device surface, there’s no sticky residue on removal. The superior protector guard is just 0.22mm thick and is combined with NuGuard’s KXs Screen Protection technology for the ultimate abrasion resistance. Added to the incredible provisions, the screen protector offers amazing warranty to prevent most subtle accidental mishaps in every day life!