The Wolf of Sundance is possibly one of the cleverest and most entertaining video  advert and is to be expected to go viral pretty soon.— a revolutionary brand that sells basic undergarments online–totally outplayed top quality designer brands with The Wolf  of Sundance.

A male model wearing nothing but printed boxer briefs and wolf head mask pays “homage” to to the Native American Ceremony by being the Wolf of Sundance on snow. While this is definitely not how Sundance is traditionally done, entertainment-wise, wolf of Sundance is quite effective. It is fun, definitely catchy and it has a sense of recall. After all, it is not everyday that you see a man dancing and ice skiing with just his undies on and a wolf head mask to boot.

It is also worth note-taking that the male model effectively represents what MeUndies aims to be– the most comfortable top quality basics you will ever wear. The wolf’s frolicking in the snow surely screams comfort for sure.

MeUndies only sells online because it aims to give their patrons the most affordable price for their products. Together with wanting to prove a point that top quality basics need not be expensive, they also show confidence in their top quality products by assuring that if their products are not the most comfortable one you ever wore they will give your money back and you can keep the undergarments– which to me is as bold as the wolf of sundance.

As for the Wolf man of the Wolf Sundance, we wonder if we are ever going to see his moves again, granted that this is MeUndies‘ most popular marketing stunt thus far.

To see more of MeUndies’ collection and the brand’s vision, you may visit their site by clicking on the link MeUndies.