The Impossible Instant Lab was designed to bridge the gap between digital and analog instant photography. Now, via your iPhone, you are able to transform digital images into unique instant photographs, creating memories to share, show or simply treasure.

As with an instant camera, the image is exposed ‘naturally’. With the Impossible Instant Lab, simply select an image on your phone, place the iPhone onto the cradle and slide open the shutter on the base. A signal then alerts you to when the exposure is finished. Close the shutter, push the button and Impossible Instant Lab ejects the instant film, ready to develop in the palm of your hand.

But there is more to the Instant Lab than developing just one image! With this new tool, photographers started to play in both digital and analog worlds bringing creativity to another level. To inspire you further, we would like to introduce you to some techniques that can be used to give a further uniqueness to your shots.

in-heaven, lucile-le-doze, impossible-instant-lab, instant-photography, photography, double-exposure, techniques, tutorial

Double exposures – “In Heaven” © Lucile Le Doze

Double exposures have always been an instant photography technique, usually presenting intriguing if sometimes unpredictable imagery. This simple but effective technique has become really easy to realize with the introduction of the Instant Lab, bringing even more imaginative and complex results. Simply use the Impossible Project App to expose a picture on the Instant Lab. Once the first picture has been exposed, do NOT push the eject button, choose another image to expose and then push the eject button.

Puis-je-allumer-votre cigarette-Mademoiselle, Penny-Felts, impossible-instant-lab, instant-photography, photography, techniques, tutorial

Emulsion Lift – “Puis-je allumer votre cigarette,Mademoiselle?” © Penny Felts

The emulsion lift is a simple technique, yet totally unique and unusual in its result. Once the instant photo is fully developed, simply cut the edges of the frame and plunge the image into a bowl with hot water. The top emulsion of the instant photo can then be peeled off and transferred to a new surface. The possibilities and the potential for hands-on image manipulations are endless, especially with the Instant Lab!

Andrew-Millar, collages, impossible-instant-lab, instant-photography, photography, techniques, tutorial

Collages – © Andrew Millar

To make a collage select several digital pictures and use the Instant Lab to transform them into instant photographs. Then simply arrange them together as a single image. You can also choose one picture, zoom into a part of it, crop, then repeat the process to create several images. Bring all these parts together again to create an entirely new picture.

The-Beauty-on-the-Rocks, Patrick-J-Clarke, impossible-instant-lab, instant-photography, photography, techniques, tutorial, panoramic

Panoramas Picture – “Beauty on the rocks” © Patrick J. Clarke

Nothing is easier than creating a panorama with a smartphone. Using the Instant Lab, you are now able to transfer these digital panoramas across several instant photos. All you need to do is crop your digital picture using the Impossible Project App, expose your selections successively and then create your own compositions.

Digital-Manipulation, Sandrine, Graphset, impossible-instant-lab, instant-photography, photography, techniques, tutorial, panoramic

Digital Image manipulation – “Sandrine” © Graphset

You can basically do anything you want with a digital picture: add text to it, paste two pictures next to each other, draw on it, creating a whole new image. Thanks to the Instant Lab, you can free these images from your computer or smartphone screen and have them as a physical, tangible image. Graphset, a french artist, explored the relations between virtual and reality, and created 3D computer-generated imagery with instant film.

Inspired? All you have to do is get your very own Instant Lab (now for just EUR 159 | USD 199) and let the creativity flow! We are sure that you will keep on finding new creative techniques, and we would love to know about them and show them to the world!