With the purpose of improving the quality of its monthly webinars, the Profoto team welcomes legendary photographer Jared Platt as their new host starting April 23, 2014. Once a month, Platt will present difficult lighting challenges and simple yet powerful lighting solution.

For several years now, Profoto has supported the photographic community through their free Profoto webinars. Due to their usefulness to photographers, these Profoto webinars have grown into a once-a-month event attracting thousands of live and recorded video viewers, while thousands more are signing up daily for the upcoming events.

“Our aim is to show powerful yet simple lighting techniques for photographers working in less than ideal situations. While some episodes will be more elaborate in scope, many will deal with lighting challenging locations with limited time and resources. In most of our webinars we will take the viewers on location with us in a behind the scenes look of various photo shoots.” says Platt.

The first Profoto webinar in the series  “On Location with Jared Platt” will take place in the Arizona desert. For most photographers this is far from an ideal location to shoot but that is exactly the point. In this Profoto webinar Platt will share tips and tricks to enable photographers to create beautiful light in harsh conditions.

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Join Profoto and renowned wedding and lifestyle photographer Jared Platt as we head out into the Arizona desert. The desert is an uncommon shooting location, for sure. But the tips and tricks Jared will share are useful for any photographer wanting to create a beautiful light in harsh conditions.

“If you can light it in the Arizona desert, you can light it anywhere,” says Jared.

The webinar will take place on April 23 at 7PM CET (April 23 at 10AM Los Angeles, 1PM New York, 6PM London, 7PM Paris // April 24 at 1AM Beijing, 2AM Tokyo, 3AM Sydney).