Sometimes photographers are limited by time, money and space; Resource Magazine has talked to tons of photographers who all wished, at one time or another, that he or she had more time for a particular shoot. While readiness and preparedness is extremely important, sometimes the ability to think and adapt to any situation will further intended goals. And that is what professional photographer David Johnson wants to offer with his workshop, The 5 Minute Portrait: which claims that “any photo assignment, regardless of limitations, has the potential to be a great one.”

david-johnson, 5-minute-portrait, photography, education, workshop, santa-fe-photographic-workshops

Morgan Freeman for Discovery / The Science Channel © David Johnson

David Johnson is an award winning professional photographer with countless years in the industry; his wonderful portfolio boasts innumerable portraits of celebrities, Supreme Court judges and even two Presidents of foreign countries. On top of that, he has had the opportunity to work with company giants like Time Magazine, The Discovery Channel and The Food Network. And with this incomparable experience, David offers a five-day course to offer his insider knowledge, which will enable any photographer to think on his or her feet.

david-johnson, 5-minute-portrait, photography, education, workshop, santa-fe-photographic-workshops

Actress Melissa Fumero of Brooklyn Nine-Nine © David Johnson

The 5 minute portrait workshop takes place from August 3-8 at the Santa Fe Photographic Workshops in Santa Fe, New Mexico. And according to the course description, throughout the allotted time “David will show you how to plan, choose appropriate lighting, scout locations, work with subjects, and deal with curve balls in order to make the most of your time-challenged photography sessions.” Again, the ability to adapt to any situation is a hard tool to learn, but it could be one of the most vital things for those potentially pursuing this field. And with this workshop, Johnson offers the tools to make even the least appealing assignment, a world-class endeavor.

david-johnson, 5-minute-portrait, photography, education, workshop, santa-fe-photographic-workshops

Chef Gordon Ramsay for Fox © David Johnson

For all advanced amateurs and professional photographers, there are still several slots open, but it is important to register soon. For more details about the class, go to the The 5-Minute Portrait webpage, which lists tuition, housing and meal plan info. If you are interested in learning more about David Johnson, visit his site here or follow him on Twitter and Instagram.