Saturdays are fun days to hone your photography skills—you just need to think of more creative ways to express artistry through photography. Engaging yourself in a project that will greatly elevate your passion and focus for photography is a wonderful way to spend your Saturday. Here are 3 fun photo projects to do on a Saturday. I’m sure photographers will have a great time polishing their talents while at the same time enjoying the start of their weekend.

Fun Photo Project #1 – 100 Strangers 

Friends are source of interesting and familiar stories; we laugh at these while we hang out together with beer in hand. However, strangers do conveys a more fascinating and mysterious tale just by looking at their features and slight movements; graceful or stiff, listless or  lively,  all projections are enough to inject us with enough curiosity of what untold stories are hiding beneath their physical appearances. This is where the 100 Strangers Photography Project comes in. By taking images of unfamiliar persons, your camera unearths something and the viewers will see faces they normally do not pay attention to while in the midst of the everyday crowd.

Accompany each photographs with a short description about the subject. If you can speak to some of them, it is better to ask them a random bit of information about themselves—an earliest memory, a recent heartbreak or a success story that they are proud of. Similar to Humans of New York, this will give you more insight into their background and people who will see these photographs will relate more to your photographs.

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Photo via Flickr Creative Commons © Louisa Billeter
From her 100 Strangers Project #22: Rita Levey

Fun Photo Project #2 – Photo Scavenger Hunt

Make a check list of all of the things you wanted to photograph that are outside of your comfort zone. If you are an urban dweller, then subjects found in the great outdoors would be a nice place to start; same thing with a country person who would find the bustling metropolis a haven for great photography subjects. Another way of doing a photography scavenger hunt is by deciding on a particular theme to shoot. Cool ideas like photographing objects that starts with letter “X”, or people who stands 6 feet tall and above, novelty and antique items such as vintage  signs, a classic 60’s Ford Mustang and so on. Make sure you come up with an interesting and uncommon list of things to photograph. The end result of your image compilation will surely amaze viewers.

photo-projects, saturday, fun, practice, skills, photography, projects, inspiration

Make a list of cool objects, signs and things for your friends to photograph and post them to your favorite social networks.


Fun Photo Project #3 – Photography 1-100

This project has creativity written all over it. Photographing subjects such as number signs, roman numerals equivalent and those that resembles any number from 1 to 100 is a great challenge. Try not to limit your images to number signs—try to find more subjects that depict numbers in a myriad of ways. You can start with bus and seat numbers and from then on compose each picture in unique ways to express your creativity. This might take you the whole day or two Saturdays at the most. If you keep your feet moving, eyes open and let your creativity take hold of your camera, this will be an awesome photography practice that will enhance your visuals in spotting fascinating subjects and skills for composing images.

photo-projects, saturday, fun, practice, skills, photography, projects, inspiration

Photo via Flickr Creative Commons © Guercio

These are just some of the many wonderful and fun ideas to do for a Photo Project Saturday. Try to come up with other interesting photo projects every week, this way you will continuously improve your photography skills as well as developing a keen eye for beautiful photo subjects.