Whether you are a novice or a professional, photography podcasts are a great way to receive advice when you’re on-the-go, which is an obvious universal trait amongst all photographers. As a result, Resource Magazine created a diverse list of some of the most inspirational photo podcasts around. Oh, and it doesn’t hurt that most of the podcasts are free. In no particular order, here are the sixteen most interesting photography podcasts. 

16 Most Interesting Photography Podcasts

1. Tips from the Top Floor

interesting-photography-podcasts, Tips-from-the-Top-Floor, Photography, Podcasts, Chris-Marquardt

Photographer and instructor Chris Marquardt’s award-winning show, Tips from the Top Floor, is the longest running photography podcast to date. In his latest episode entitled, “Toys, The Key To Photographic Success,” Marquardt openly admits that he’s recording from his home in Germany. His unequivocal honesty and humor is what attracts many to this podcast series.

2. History of Photography

Jeff-Curto, History-of-Photography, Podcasts, Photography, interesting-photography-podcasts

Jeff Curto, a photography professor at the College of DuPage near Chicago, records his class lectures about the history of photography. He not only teaches different time eras in photography history, but dedicates entire class sessions to prominent photographers like Eadweard Muybridge and John Szarkowski.

3. The Art of Photography

interesting-photography-podcasts, Ted-Forbes, Dallas-Museum-of-Art, Podcast, Photography, the-art-of-photography

interesting-photography-podcasts, Ted-Forbes, Dallas-Museum-of-Art, Podcast, Photography, the-art-of-photography

Photo © MrDAT via Flickr Commons

Every week, manager of multimedia for the Dallas Museum of Art, Ted Forbes, discusses an array of topics from composition to technique. He also provides intimate profiles of renowned photographers such as André Kertész’s polaroids, Bruno Barbey’s “conflict”  photography and Julius Shulman’s architectural photography. 

4. On Taking Pictures

interesting-photography-podcasts, On-Taking-Pictures, Jeffery-Saddoris, Bill-Wadman, Podcasts

What separates Jeffery Saddoris and Bill Wadman’s show, On Taking Pictures, from other podcasts is the in-depth repartee between the two hosts. New media artist, Saddoris, previously worked for Universal Pictures and founded Faded + Blurred. Wadman, a portrait photographer based out of Brooklyn, N.Y., had his work featured in Time Magazine and The New Yorker, just to name a few. They give personal and detailed advice for newcomers and experts. 

5. Ask Tim Grey 

interesting-photography-podcasts, Ask-Tim-Grey, Tim-Grey, podcasts, photography

Digital photographer and author, Tim Grey, offers exclusive insight to his audience by allowing them to interact with him during the show. The basis of Grey’s show revolves around questions submitted by audience members.  

6. Martin Bailey Photography Podcast

Martin Bailey has one of the longest running photography podcasts devoted to a mixture of interviews, gear reviews, technique and critiques. 

7. Shutters Inc.

Australian photographers Bruce Williams and Glynn Lavender’s podcast ranges from topics like “why it sucks to be a mid-level wedding photographer” to critiques on D-day veteran portraits. 

8. Photoshop, Lightroom Tips by Serge Ramelli

Dramatic landscape photographer, Serge Ramelli, keeps his tutorials simple without using heavy tech terms. He abides by the “visual example only” principle when teaching new techniques. 

9. Photo Couch

Gavin Seim gives fun informal banter about landscape and portrait photography. Although Photo Couch hasn’t been updated since 2012, it is still worth a listen. 

10. This Week in Photo

interesting-photography-podcasts, This-Week-in-Photo, Frederick-Van-Johnson, Podcast, photography

What sets apart photographer Frederick Van Johnson’s This Week in Photo from others is the social commentary. Issues like plagiarism and the future of photography are discussed in his forty minute to two hour show. TWiP also offers a variety of tips ranging from portrait photography to tech tutorials. 

11. The Candid Frame

interesting-photography-podcasts, Ibarionex-Perello, Candid-Frame-Photography-Podcast, Photography, Podcast

Ibarionex Perellophotographer, former technical engineer for Nikon and an associate editor for an array of photography magazines—hosts a weekly hour long show dedicated to conversing with world renowned photographers. 

12. LensWork

Stemming from the twenty-year-old photography publication, LensWork, this podcast has been around since 2004. Brooks Jensen—the editor of LensWork—shares his experiences in the six minute long videos. 

13. Photofocus

interesting-photography-podcasts, Scott-Bourne, Richard-Harrington, Photofocus, Podcast, photography

Scott Bourne and Richard Harrington’s podcast features pro photographers and examine the latest in the digital photography world. Listeners have the ability to ask questions on the show, which is recorded three times a month.

14. Freelance Radio

Although Freelance Radio is not a photo podcast, it offers advice for any freelancer trying to make it in the art world. Dickie Adams, Kristen Fischer, John Brougher and Von Glitschka discuss issues like running businesses, branding yourself as a freelancer and financial inquiries.

15. The Digital Story

interesting-photography-podcasts, Derrick-Story, The-Digital-Story, Podcasts, Photography

Derrick Story provides a tech-heavy show for gadget fanatics, which includes equipment tips and reviews. His genial and easygoing demeanor fits nicely with the informative aspect of the show. 

16. The Grid

interesting-photography-podcasts, Scott-Kelby, Matt-Kloskowski, The-Grid, Photography, podcast

This live, interactive talk-show is hosted by photographers Scott Kelby and Matt Kloskowski and each show highlights a different guest. This podcast covers everything from “how to use Snapseed” to providing commentary on viewers’ photos. Viewers have the chance to interact with Scott and Matt through the show’s blog on KelbyTV.com or on Twitter. Just make sure to add #TheGridLive at the end of your Tweet.