It seems that website building companies are ‘a dime a dozen,’ but in the Internet day and age, the right portfolio could be the difference between being hired and forgotten. Yes, social media has played an important role in the building of a photographer’s profile, but an organized website showcasing a person’s work is what distinguishes him or her. Yet, a website building platform is only as good as its offered features and ease of use. And that is what separates Coversplash from other portfolio-based services: the company makes it easy to create and manage a photography website for free, while also marketing a photographer’s intended brand.

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Coversplash, which was founded in April 2014, boasts over eight thousand users in over 3,200 cities across the globe, which is an amazing number for two short months. And they were able to attract these clients by building an easy to use interface, which not only encourages customization, but also gives any user the tools to deliver an eye-grabbing website; distinct features like the ability to import photos from Flickr, Instagram and 500px, makes this accessible to even the most computer illiterate.

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Furthermore, the portfolio building service offers an engaging social component: the established network of photographers allows any person to establish their brand, as well as, garner feedback from those in the Coversplash community. On top of this, all users are able to “document their work through an innovative stories feature,” which allows anyone to establish a narrative, in order to properly showcase their work.

But most importantly, Coversplash offers the ability for photographers to control the licensing of their work; this means that the company boasts a “fully integrated e-commerce system,” which allows users to sell their product and receive one hundred percent of the commission. With this feature, the company claims that they are “the only licensing agency that allows photographers to control their entire work, including pricing and licensing types.”

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Now, while the company offers the option to freely conduct a portfolio, those who are pursuing photography as a profession, should think about purchasing the monthly subscription. The ‘pro plan,’ which is seven dollars per month, is the only way for a photographer to fully control his product and receive the full commission: even the ‘plus plan’ for $5.25 per month, only offers eighty percent of the commission. And other key reasons to do the monthly subscription are important features like a distinct domain, an increased amount of uploads, no price capping and URL mapping.

With all this said, it appears that Coversplash is a service to look out for; their photography-focused site offers a distinct advantage over other blog-based services like Squarespace and WordPress. And at the same time, the integrated e-commerce system offers a service that other portfolio building sites do not have: the ability for users to make full profit off their own work. Now further add a promised iOS and Android application, which should be available sometime this summer, and it’s easy to see that Coversplash has the potential to be a huge success.

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