As a Prop Stylist, we are always searching for unique items to use as props. After all the search is never ending to find the best item for a client, while that perfect item makes all the difference.

No matter if you are a Stylist, Interior Designer, Photographer or just a collector of all things lost and found, here are some vintage finds you shouldn’t miss out on brought to you by our friends at  

We hope to inspire photographers and stylists and help bring a little extra flare to your next shoot!

Picture Frames: Vintage frames are always a great find to grab, adding a unique piece of art over any photo. Tip in searching for these pieces, check out your local thrift store. Look past the ugly thrift store art that you come across and look at the frames. Most of the time these stores are well stocked and vary in multiple styles, you just have to search for that perfect one.


Miniature books: Popular during WWI for their small pocket size, these books are a perfect addition to any shelf, fireplace, or office to add a little historical interest. Fellow stylist, great to use as risers or try a stack to add little bit more detail to your next shoot.


Red Lanterns: It is all about Camping! The latest trend is about getting up and out of the big city for a little fresh air with style. Vintage camping lanterns will add the perfect cabin feel to any space in your home and embrace the great outdoors to any photo shoot.


Military and Sport Medals: Medals are a way to collect something that was once worked hard for and unique. From Military to Boy Scouts these medals are always a great piece that will continue to inspire and add the perfect touch to any photo.


Maps: Wall Maps have continued to be a top trend. Starting to appear in the early 1940’s in classrooms, these finds will make a big statement. Some maps expand to 5ft wide or more, perfect for a backdrop or a prop on set.

Check out a few of these markets around the city to help you find some new treasures. Happy hunting! BROOKLYN FLEA MARKET, CHELSEA ANTIQUE GARAGE, GREEN FLEA, PARK SLOPE FLEA MARKET AT P.S. 321, WILLIAMSBURG FLEA MARKET


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