Resource Magazine was sad to learn about the death of Punk rock legend Tommy Ramone yesterday. Ramone was 65 and the last living original member of the band, which debuted its first album in 1976. To help celebrate the life of Tommy Ramone,  we wanted to share with you an interview with Ramones friend, and photographer, Roberta Bayley. The iconic photographer spent a great deal of time with the band and helped define the image of not just the Ramones but the entire punk scene in NY during the 70’s.

Spring 2010-Photo-History-Roberta Bayley/Ramones from RETV from Resource Magazine on Vimeo.

Roberta Bayley gives ReTV some insight into the 1970’s New York punk scene and the iconic album cover she photographed for The Ramones.

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The Ramones © Roberta Bayley – used with permission from the artist