Stock image site Shutterstock recently unveiled its music section where users can browse through tempos, genres, themes and moods throughout its sleek design—a much needed innovation for the stock music industry. But today, the company unveiled Shutterstock Palette, another integration that continues to evangelize the tools content manufacturers use to find the perfect stock imagery for their creations.


Shutterstock Palette is a comprehensive image discovery tool within Shutterstock Labs that allows users to explore and discover images based on custom color schemes. So, this means rather than just entering keywords or sorting through image tags, users can choose up to five colors at once from the 82 color palette as the main filter for browsing through its extensive 35 million image library. Although it’s currently considered to be in prototype form, let’s take a quick look at how it works.

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First, you simply select the colors you’re looking for and let Palette do the rest. You’ll then notice a wide range of results, which you can then narrow down by choosing more colors or filtering between photos, illustrations and vectors. However, for some creating the perfect custom color scheme can be a bit tricky, which is when Palette’s unique characteristics begin to divulge.

shutterstock, shutterstock-palette, photography, arts, inspiraton,

When you select a photo on Palette, the image will enlarge your screen. But if you then open the color selection tool, you’ll notice that the images colors are highlighted throughout the palette. You can then pick and choose which colors you would like to keep and which you would like to delete, while also adding extra colors to fully refine the search with the added option of entering keywords. Nevertheless, this is all driven by Palette’s patent-pending algorithms that use image data, search queries, and download behavior to collectively determine each unique palette’s colors.

About a year ago, Shutterstock launched it’s first color-based image search called Spectrum and since then the company has clearly found a direct path towards innovation. Not to mention, Palette is fully responsive and mobile-friendly so you can get a very similar experience across smart phones and tablets.

Check it out and start exploring!