Fashion, fine art, and editorial photographer Marisa Pike has captured it all. With over fifteen years in the photography industry, Pike has found a way to bring together the world of fine art and fashion through her creative photo work. Her work delves into the human emotion and brings it out in a vibrant and picturesque form. Amazingly, in the modern world of digital, Pike has a love for shooting with film. Her digital and film collection can be found in her book titled Fixated on the Housewife, which depicts women during the mid-twentieth century setting. She’s never short on imagination as she experiments with different styles and shooting methods “from camera to muse”. With her book, upcoming projects, and distinctive photography, Pike is definitely on the rise. Resource Magazine got a chance to speak with Marisa Pike about her life, work, and what it entails.

marisa-pike, photography, fashion, fine-art, inspiration, film, alpoecia

© Marisa Pike

What do you like most about fashion and fashion photography?

What I like about fashion is that it plays such a big part in expressing different cultures, as well as an individual’s personality by how they choose to wear it depending on how they feel on any specific day. With fashion photography, I feel like there are no specific limits or guidelines. It’s not only about the fashion, but about the emotion it evokes. It can be a great mix when it’s combined with fine art.

So how do you bring together the two worlds of fine art and fashion? 

I try to not only show the fashion, but the emotion that fashion and one’s specific style evokes. I think that’s where the fine art comes in.

marisa-pike, photography, fashion, fine-art, inspiration, film, alpoecia

© Marisa Pike

What do you want your photography work to say about you? 

No matter how nice and gentle women look they can still be just as strong and confident and vice versa.  I sometimes feel this way about myself.

Can you tell us about Fixated on the Housewife? What inspired the idea of the book? 

I started the Housewife series years ago, when I started to take my photography more seriously. Most of my classmates in art school were male. I felt almost as if I were doing something that was not “normal” for a woman, so I started this ironic series of the 1950’s housewife. Fixated on the Housewife shows my different phases of the Housewife series from the camera to the muse—which each was shot years apart from each other—to what I was feeling on said year. It’s kind of autobiographical. In fact, there are times I feel like they’re all self portraits.

© Marisa Pike (Pike’s self-portrait)

What advice would you give to aspiring artists/photographers out there? 

Keep shooting, no matter what. If you love photography, learn it (on manual, not auto), and always find time to shoot anyone or anything.

What’s one interesting fact no one knows about you? 

One thing is that I have alopecia. I did a few self portraits and people question if it was photoshopped but it’s not. It’s my hairless head. I couldn’t do that in Photoshop even if I tried.

Are you working on any projects now or the near future?

I’m working on a portrait series based on people’s flaws, insecurities, and how we try to cover them. This was inspired by me having alopecia.

marisa-pike, photography, fashion, fine-art, inspiration, film, alpoecia

© Marisa Pike

Marisa Pike proves to be a true inspiration as a person and a photographer. To learn more about Pike and her photography visit her website, check out her Pinterest or purchase her book.