Photographers constantly struggle with the concept of “competing on price” and say they often get inquiries from prospects who are low-balling them, price-shopping or “haggling” their prices. A quick distinction to note about this is to understand that clients often only ask about price because they don’t know what else to ask about. Aside from that, there are very specific systems that we can be intentional about in our photography businesses to ensure that we do not compete on price.

In fact, did you know that there’s a 6-step process that happens twice for every client you book? It’s happening whether you know it or not – once without your direct involvement, which I call the pre-inquiry process, and once with your direct involvement, which I call the inquiry process. When you optimize this process, you give yourself the best chance possible in booking the client, and in booking them not based on price.

I wrote an entire article titled “How to successfully convert clients in your photography business” over on all about this process if you’d like to go further in that discussion.


There is lots we can learn about how to not compete on price, why we feel like we sometimes do compete on price and the psychology behind it all. I dive deep into those topics of discussion in another related article on, titled “How to NOT compete on price in your photography business”, but for now, though, let me share with you 31 ways to not compete on price in your photography business:

  1. Have a killer website.
  2. Respond to inquiries quickly.
  3. Create value up front.
  4. Follow-up on inquiries.
  5. Have a great studio and meeting space.
  6. Give great service.
  7. Meet with prospects – don’t just give everything over the phone.
  8. Develop a relationship and create a connection with prospects.
  9. Make it about more than just the photography.
  10. Connect with prospects and clients on social media.
  11. Make sure your photography is different and unique – why you?
  12. Be the best photographer you can possibly be.
  13. Understand why you do what you do, and communicate that clearly.
  14. Be memorable and have something remarkably different to offer.
  15. Show testimonials on your website.
  16. Encourage referrals.
  17. Build credibility.
  18. Utilize social proof through social media.
  19. Get on referral lists.
  20. Blog often – success breeds success.
  21. Seek positive PR opportunities – be seen as the expect.
  22. Win awards and be proud to show them off.
  23. Show behind-the-scenes photos and/or videos of you working.
  24. Exceed expectations at every point.
  25. Set boundaries and policies.
  26. Educate your prospects and potential clients.
  27. Tell stories.
  28. Have options.
  29. Don’t discount – EVER.
  30. Be confident.
  31. Be professional.

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Implement one item from the list above into your business for the next month. If you do so, in 1 month from today (31 days), you’ll have a business that will be 100x better than where it is today, and you will no longer be competing on price!


About The Author – Bryan Caporicci

bryan-caporicci, advice, business, photography, compete-on-price, marketing, pricing, sales, tips, tricks

Bryan is lives in Fonthill, Ontario, Canada with his beautiful wife and daughter. He is an award-winning photographer, Fuji X-Photographer and is one of the youngest photographers to receive his CPA. He is also the CEO of Sprouting Photographer,  an educational resource for photographers all about business. Dedicated to helping photographers gain the knowledge, tools and resources to grow, spring up and develop as a professional photographer.  It’s also one of Resource Magazine’s 18 Great Photography Blogs You Should Be Reading.  Bryan’s work can be found at