It turns out that some celebrities have it all: they’re talented, good-looking, rich and famous. However, there are even some who can do more than just act and look pretty. Here’s a list of celebrities who dared to step out from in front of the lens and instead look through it and become image makers themselves.

 Celebrities Who Became Photographers

1. Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt is one of the most successful names on this list, in both acting and photography. Since 2005—around the time he was working on Mr. and Mrs. Smith—Pitt worked with Steven Klein on a photo series called Domestic Bliss. Since then, it seemed to turn from a hobby into a profession: even shooting W Magazine’s November 2008 cover.

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2. Aaron Eckhart

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© Gage Skidmore via Flickr Commons

Aaron Eckhart, or better known by most as Harvey Dent from Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight, has been an avid photographer for years. After shooting an advertisement for Molly Sims’ jewelry line, Eckhart was quoted saying, “Will I turn professional? I will if somebody asks me…I’m really just a photography geek. I just love to shoot.”

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Actor Aaron Eckhart shooting in the Dominican Republic for Americares via Fast Company

3. Viggo Mortensen

The star who is known for his role in Lord of the Rings, Viggo Mortensen is a highly regarded photographer with several published photo books: Coincidence of Memory, SignLanguage, Linger and The Horse is Good to name a few.


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4. Drew Carey

Drew Carey is a huge fan of sports photography and soccer; and he has combined that passion by taking time out of his busy schedule and becoming a sideline photographer. Carey has worked several U.S National Team soccer matches and sells his photos under the pseudonym Brooks Parkenridge.

5. Jeff Bridges

Jeff “The Dude” Bridges is a talented actor best known for The Big LebowskiTron and his Oscar-winning role in Crazy Heart. The actor has also fancied himself a photographer and loves to photograph all types of events, including on set life during movie shoots. You can see all his work at his personal website.

6. Stanley Kubrick

Probably one of the most interesting men on this list, Stanley Kubrick is regarded by many to be the greatest director to have ever lived. But many do not know that Kubrick started his career as a photographer for Look Magazine where he truly shot some world famous photos, including the below photo after FDR’s death.

7. Helena Christensen

Helena Christensen originally started her career in front of the camera, but she soon realized that she equally loved the behind the camera duties. Since then, she worked as a creative director on Marvin Scott Jarrett’s Nylon and has had her work in famous magazines like Marie Claire and ELLE.

Helena-Christensen, Photography, Celebrity

Julia Restoin Roitfeld © Helena Christensen

8. Gina Lollobrigida

An actress who was widely known for her voluptuous shape, Gina Lollobrigida left Hollywood as a sex symbol to embark on her second career, photojournalism. And she was wildly successful, photographing figures like Henry Kissinger and Paul Newman. She even somehow got an exclusive interview with Cuban leader Fidel Castro.

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© Gina Lollobrigida

9. Lou Reed

The world famous guitarist, who unfortunately passed away last October, Lou Reed is famous for his solo act, as well as, his time with Velvet Underground. But he also published gorgeous photo books including the amazing Romanticism and Emotions in Action.

Romanticism, Lou-Reed, Celebrities, Photographer

© Lou Reed

10. James Franco

As an avid movie fan, I have clearly noticed that the market has been over-saturated with James Franco. The man who has been going to school while acting in huge Hollywood productions, has also dabbled in almost all of the art forms. Besides acting, directing, painting and writing, the man has even taken up photography. Most recently, Franco recreated famous Cindy Sherman photos with him as the subject.

James-Franco, Cindy-Sherman, Photography

© James Franco

11. Tyra Banks

A lot of people have wrongfully mislabeled Tyra Banks over the years. While America’s Top Model and her former talk show The Tyra Banks Show were not works of art, she has proven herself to be a more than capable photographer. Her keen eye for lighting and shadows show that the former model has real natural talent.

12. Andy Summers

As the above picture shows, Andy Summers, who is standing next to Sting, is the world famous guitarist of The Police. But he also has done some astounding photography work, which he claims “may indeed be influenced by his absorption with music and that in a sense the photography he creates is a visual counterpart to the music that never leaves his head.” Summers has had his work in countless art exhibits as well as photo books such as Throb and Desirer Walks the Streets.

Andy-Summers, Desirer-Walks-the-Street, Photography

© Andy Summers

13. Norman Reedus

Norman-Reedus, Like-A-Big-Bald-Head, The-Walking-Dead,

The famous actor from The Walking Dead and the cult-classic Boondock Saints franchise has begun a fantastic career in photography. Like most of the celebrities on this list, his photos display a natural talent in this field. As a result, he has collected some of his work and released it as a photobook: The Sun’s Coming Up…Like a Big Bald Head.



14. Bryan Adams

Bryan Adams Hamburg MG 0631 flickr.jpg
Bryan Adams Hamburg by Marco Maas – via Flickr Commons


The famous Canadian musician Bryan Adams has taken up photography as a second profession. His work has been published in the British VogueHarper’s BazaarEsquire, and Interview. But most notably, his photo book titled Wounded: The Legacy of War was a triumph that beautifully chronicled the tragedies of war.