The Flint app is a mobile payment app that’s designed to help small business owners process payments. However, Flint has recently gained attention from photographers who run their own photo operations.

flint-app, photography, arts, business, mobile-payment, tech, app 

Created in 2011 by Greg Goldfarb—former vice president at Ribbit and senior director of products at Polycom—the app has since gotten a lot of users. One in particular is portrait photographer, Ben Esner

Esner—a New York City photographer—downloaded the app a year ago, and believes the app has made his life as a photo business owner a whole lot easier. 


flint-app, photography, arts, business, mobile-payment, tech, app


It’s allowed me to conduct my business from anywhere I am,” Esner said. “Specifically, the invoice feature is great because it allows people to pay the deposit to secure the time. Once they book a shoot, I just send the link to them to pay the deposit and they can just invoice online. I have it linked to my bank account and it automatically deposits the money right into my checking account by the next business day, which is super convenient.” 

Since Esner is still relatively new to Flint, he has yet to explore the coupon feature. 

I’m still devising a plan as to how I’m going to use that feature,” Esner said. “The idea is that you can create and attach coupons to your invoices.” 


flint-app, photography, arts, business, mobile-payment, tech, app

Esner was tired of receiving checks and using PayPal and other payment apps. Most of the time, the other apps would not work for Esner or his customers. 

I just wanted something that was very easy to use,” Esner said. “I didn’t want my customers reading their credit card numbers over the phone.” 

For more about the Flint app and its features check out the website