What some are calling the “new American trend” has been plaguing the internet throughout the past couple weeks and it’s known as women losing their shit at skate parks. It originated as a post in Reddit’s popular r/publicfreakout and features—you guessed it—middle-aged women giving innocent skater kids a piece of their minds. While the basis for these freakouts range from accidental collisions to teenagers who were caught “cussing like sailors,” this trend has even been picked up by Vice—one of the internet’s most known gatekeepers for irrational adults turned batshit crazy cry-babies.

If you have yet to see these videos, you should immediately check them out and prepare for a good laugh. But in the meantime, Resource has honored the online demise of these uptight parents by bringing you some of the most epic videos of people losing their shit on photographers.


I figured we’d start here because deep down we’re all Beliebers, right? Notice what appears to be a Corona in Bieber’s hand as he runs into the car. Dude….do you even drink, bro?


I mean, I don’t exactly have remorse for the paparazzi and I have difficulty labeling them as photographers. But let’s bring it home to New York and check out these clips of actor Sam Worthington showing this slew of paparazzi cameramen what’s really good.


Do you like fish sticks, Kanye?


Now, I’m not one to ever call someone fat or condone the use of the word—it’s not fucking nice. But get past the title of this video and it’s outright hilarious. “You are illegal photographers…trespassers! GET THE FUCK OUT!” says some lunatic lady.


Let’s end on a more empowering note. Sure, skaters have to combat parents who are losing their shit, but that’s nothing compared to a 500 pound animal losing its shit on a photographer. Here’s a clip of an elk going horn-to-head with a North Carolina man trying to snap a photo.