When capturing images of nature, time has a substantial effect on the outcome. When done properly, it creates aesthetically pleasing images. This is how Spanish cinematographer Enrique Pacheco approaches his work. Known for his time lapse videos, Shutterstock recently featured Pacheco’s knowledge in a video for newcomers. 

The first part of Pacheco’s process involves searching for the perfect location. When choosing locations, he looks at travel guides.

“But I don’t look at them too carefully so I don’t memorize and repeat what I have seen,” Pacheco said in the Shutterstock video

He also uses an app called Photographer’s Ephemeris to plan his shots. According to Pacheco, it is essential to plan shoots “around the sunset, sunrise, moonrise, and moonset.” 

His advice for new photographers is not to fixate on things like the interval setting and the camera movement. Instead, they should concentrate more on the quality of the light, composition, and the subject. The equipment needed for a time lapse shoot includes a DSLR with a full-frame sensor, a tripod, a remote intervalometer and a ND filter. 

Check out one of Pacheco’s time lapse videos below.

Enrique Pacheco’s Timelapse Wisdom from Shutterstock on Vimeo.