Creating an Instagram profile for your business or company is great for marketing, but it’s certainly not used the same way as your personal account. Here are 15 ways to promote your business on Instagram.

1. Keep your user name simple and to the point

If your company is named Apples and Oranges than that should be your user name. Choosing something clever or artsy will make your company harder to find.

2. Your profile picture and bio should be about your company, not about your personal life

If your company is dedicated to grooming pets, for example, the picture and bio should speak to that. Again, keep it simple. One to two short lines describing your company is all that’s needed.

3. Include a link to your website or blog

Providing a link is a great way to get your viewers to look more closely at your business. It’s especially valuable if you’re running an e-commerce site.

4. Share your account

Link your Instagram to any other social media platforms your business has such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr, etc. That way, when you upload a photo to Instagram it will show up in those places too.

5. Spread the word on your other social media platforms

Make a status or tweet about your new Instagram account to create buzz. Tell your friends to retweet it too, and don’t hesitate to post it more than once.

6. Go Public

Keep your profile open. Unless you’re super into Facebook—is anyone these days?—potential followers may be turned away when waiting for you to accept their request.

7. Add a location so people know where you’re at

This also allows you to view other users photos that have been taken and tagged there.

8. Keep all photos professional

Photos should be relevant to your business and are meant to add value, not detract. That means no practically nude selfies, no inappropriate behavior and nothing overly personal or opinionated. Keep all the riff-raff for your personal account or Snapchat.

9. There should be a high frequency of photos

Post every day. No less than one and no more than five photos will do the trick—the last thing you want to do is annoy people.

10. Know your filters and effects

These tools can turn any drab photo into something that looks like a professional photographer took it. Make them appealing, but don’t go overboard either; they should still look realistic. Oh, and try out some Vsco filters while you’re at it.

11. Keep your photos fresh

If you own a coffee shop, posting only latte’ pics is boring. For example, brew up some photos of fresh baked good, a line of customers out the door and the cute barista in front of the espresso machine.

12. Use #hashtags correctly

Hashtags should be relevant and effective, although there’s no need to have one page of hashtags. At least two, no more than six and you should always the name of your business. Here’s what not to do: #comeinbecausetheresasaleandiwantyourmoney

13. Interact with other users

Liking photos of your current followers is a great way to keep them around. But liking photos of unknown users is excellent for expanding your presence. Also, respond to the comments on your photos!

14. Share and re-gram

If someone tags or mentions you in a post, share it on your own account as a way to give thanks and to further promote yourself and your product.

15. Block any negative comments or followers

This will keep the integrity of your company professional and friendly. Resource absolutely does not promote censorship (just read about the 7 Photos You Can’t Find on Flickr), although business is business, right?