Pinterest is an excellent platform to find creative and inspiring ideas from individuals with awesome talent, especially in photography. To help inspire you Resource has put together a list 30 Awesome Pinterest Boards for every photographer to follow. If you don’t find yourself wanting to run out and take great photos after visiting these inspirational Pinterest boards, you might as well just hang up your camera and call it a day.

30 Awesome Pinterest Boards To Inspire

1. Hansol Kim

Hansol is an awesome and inventive photographer. His board features images that range from graceful portraiture to stylish interior shots, if you’re looking for inspiration it’s easy to find it here. 

                                                        © Hansol Kim

2. Theresa L

No one is complaining but Theresa L is a mass poster. This girl knows how to work a Pinterest board. Her influx of daily inspiration ranges from still-life to portrait and street photography and everything beautiful in between.

3. Architecture and Bridges

Like its name, architecture and bridges, this board helps fill the virtual gap and give travel photographers, interested in architecture, a massive dose of inspiration.

4. Sweet Tooth

Put together by those bastards at Whole Foods, Sweet Tooth not only makes our mouthes water, it presents a myriad of ideas on how photographers can create gorgeous food photography.

5. DP School

An educational blog with tips for beginners and professionals alike, DP School offers a ton of valuable tips, tricks and general photography knowledge.

 6. Trey Ratcliff

Trey’s Pinterest Boards, like everything else he does online, are a must-follow for every travel photographer looking for inspiration or help taking their work to the next level.

 7. Vivian Maier Discovered Work

A virtual Vivian Maier buffet, this board shows a collection the famed photographer’s images throughout her entire of her career.

8. Improve Photo

Jim Harmer creates a Pinterest board that shares photography tips from set-ups, gear and DIY projects, to posing ideas and a lot more.

 9. Photo Manipulation

This board focuses on photo editing styles and techniques with an array of standout ideas in one awesome Pinterest Board.

10. Photography Inspiration

A favorite of the Resource Magazine gang, this board is managed by photographer, artist, app creator and blogger Jeremy Cowart. Definitely an inspirational stop on your Pinterest journey.

11. Posing Ideas

This board solves what seems to have become a recurring problem for many photographers. How do you pose your subjects correctly?

12. Family & Baby Photography

This board is just oozing with an overload of cuteness. It’s an ideal board to go to for children’s photography.

13. Photography Tips and Tricks

The Pinterest boards are focused on providing useful tips and tricks to photographers. From DIY projects and how-to’s and an array of creative ideas you can use for shooting any project.

14. The Art of Photography

The Art of Photography board is a good source to check out the works of both professional and amateur photographers and get a little day to day inspiration.

15. Reiner Gogolin

Reiner Gogolin gives photographers plenty of ideas on how to produce interesting images. The themes and ideas are limitless.

16. Yoshihiro Ogawa

Fine art photographer Yoshihiro Ogawa has built a community of like-minded individuals that share their work and inspiration via his boards.

17.  Best of Pinterest Photographers

Klaus Hermann is noted in the “Best Of Pinterest Photographers, delivering a smorgasbord of images contributed by various photographers. If you’re looking for ideas and inspiration, this board can definitely cover your needs.

18. Cici

These boards give photographers a myriad of tips ranging from wedding snaps ideas to food photography and everything else in between.

awesome-pinterest-boards, photography, inspiration, social-media, sharing, creative, ideas

© Cici

19. Style me Pretty

A series of Pinterest boards catering to wedding photography and how to acquire the needed skills to be successful.

awesome-pinterest-boards, photography, inspiration, social-media, sharing, creative, ideas

20. Rowena Murillo

Rowena maintains a board that emphasizes the importance of patterns, colors and a unique style. It’s something very useful for the hobbyist or beginner.

21. Art and Photography

Ben Stovold’s board collects edgy, colorful, stylish and sexy images that are candy for the eyes.

22. Jane Wang Photography

Jane Wang combines all combinations of creativity into one board. From depth of images, to stunning landscapes and lively colors, it will surely provide photographers enough juices for their projects.

awesome-pinterest-boards, photography, inspiration, social-media, sharing, creative, ideas

© Jane Wang Photography

23. Abstractions

Gabriel Li’s boards shows off unique abstract photo ideas that may leave you a bit confused. What am I looking at, you ask? Well, I’m not so sure either.

awesome-pinterest-boards, photography, inspiration, social-media, sharing, creative, ideas

© Gabriel Li Abstractions

24. Stories

Ton Roque details how photographers should use drama and character in order to tell a story.

awesome-pinterest-boards, photography, inspiration, social-media, sharing, creative, ideas

© Ton Roque Stories

25. iPhone Heroes

This board is a collection of awesome iPhone photography. Just wait until the iPhone 6 is thrown into the mix.

26. Lomography Photos We Love

These Lomography loving boards are all about the charm of using old school film cameras. Specifically Lomo’s. It’s a practice that’s not only nostalgic, but represents the true dedication to the fine art world by hundreds of thousands of traditionalist photographers around the globe.

27. Street Photography

Roo Stevens’ shows unique vintage street photographs that make you want to grab your camera, move to the nearest city and start shooting.

awesome-pinterest-boards, photography, inspiration, social-media, sharing, creative, ideas

© Roo Stevens Street Photography

 28. Famous Pictures

Wolfgang Weigelt’s boards are the the place to find some of the most iconic photographs throughout history.

29. Oh Joy! 

Joy Cho’s boards are a popular Pinterest destination with an array of inspiring and awesome photographs that are both endearing and playful.

awesome-pinterest-boards, photography, inspiration, social-media, sharing, creative, ideas

© Joy Cho / Oh Joy! Photography

30. Photography Website Marketing

These boards are designed to help photographers expand their presence in the digital scene. Very often something a great deal of photographers fall short in these days.