Yesterday, Sept. 4, Getty Images unveiled Getty Images Prestige, a new selection of their most vivid and beautifully polished photos offered exclusively on their site. The tastefully curated photos are distinguished by their powerful aesthetics and quality that Getty is known for.

The researchers at Getty Images have a knack for figuring out what people like based on search engine histories. By analytically looking at these results, they are able to construct a selection of unique photography excellence at a higher quality with reasonable prices—which is the framework behind the Prestige collection.

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Portrait of two female twins © Tim Macpherson/Getty Images

Getty Images Prestige offers a new alternative to custom photo shoots. The wider selection allows photographers to save time, money and the worries of distinctive work appearing anywhere else.

Senior Director of Creative Content, Paul Foster, is very confident and excited about how the turnout will be for Prestige. He knows his team well, and there is no mistaking their ability to curate visuals that appeal to the masses. “We are always looking for a diversity of photographic styles, for original ideas and executions, unique perspectives or hard to get and highly valued subject matter, including non-reproducible moments,” says Foster in a Q&A published by Getty.

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Spaceman © Ken Hermann/Getty Images

No doubt, these non-reproducible moments are what draws people to them the most. People search for images of moments that are difficult to capture by just anyone. Foster is aware of this and is knowledgable about the worth of production value, he explains in the Q&A. “Exclusive to Getty Images, Prestige images include those images that are impossible to replicate—from serendipitous split seconds caught by the crowd to unique, irreproducible moments in wildlife and nature captured by expert professionals.”

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Babies Back © Tim Flach/Getty Images

Aside from curated collections, Getty also creates imaging trends. Of the latest is Super Sensory—which was released this past July—offering extreme closeups, macro detailing, HD, higher frame rates and different points of view for the subject which plunges the viewer into sense invigoration. “Imagery that is up-close, personal and visceral is alluring, because it makes us forget, if only for an instant, that we have a glowing rectangle between it and us,” reads the Getty site.

It’s proposed that the smaller the screens people view photos with, the more immersive the imagery must be to keep the viewer’s mind interested. Because people mostly rely on their smartphones as their main media contributor, Super Sensory is Getty’s solution.

Explore the Getty Images Prestige collection and the Super Sensory trend.