Industry Icon Frank Meo Shows Photographers How To Use Creative Estimating To Connect With Their Clients

Longtime contributor to Resource MagazineFrank Meo is hosting an important event that all prospecting photographers and entrepreneurs should be a part of. The storied businessman will be at PDN’s Photo Plus Expo 2014 in NYC to host a seminar about the art of creative estimating to help photographers better connect with their clients.



Now, for all who don’t already know, Frank is a fantastic entrepreneur who created The Photo Closer—a website designed as a search engine that “promotes photographers of various specialties from locations around the world.” Frank himself has been in the industry for over 25 years and has worked as a director of photography for Getty Images and founded Meo Represents, a photo representative agency. Most importantly, he has spent his recent years teaching seminars and spreading his vast knowledge of the business to up-and-coming photographers.

The seminar, which takes place on Oct. 31 from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m., is a beginner class called Creative Estimating to Better Connect with Your Clients. Basically, through all of his travels and three decades of experience, Meo realized that, like, in order to work on the business side of photography, it’s necessary to connect with your clients. 

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In the creative estimating seminar, he will discuss “creative ways to connect with clients via the estimating process, using actual bids to illustrate how a photographer can become a valued partner in this process.”For Meo, he believes that in order to secure a bid, you must get past the numbers and actually understand the photographer’s wants and desires—but this is just scratching the surface. He will also provide knowledge on specific roles such as art buyer, creative director for the estimation process, how to remain confident with the worry of underbidding and many other vital skills for potential businessmen.

Head over to the seminar page to read the full details, and if you want to learn more about Meo’s The Photo Closer then check out his site. Also read his previous writings for Resource.