Is your desktop a cluttered mess filled with endless folders, layered JPGs, and files you seem to keep adding to everyday? If you are like myself, always working on multiple projects at the same time, it seems to be a bit difficult to stay on top of all that saved work. Well today my friends, you are in luck, it’s National clean your virtual desktop day!

Lets start backing up and cleaning your desktop. If you haven’t recently, today is the day to get started and stay organized. (Yeah!)

Here are some great tools that will do the trick to help you stay clean, keep you organized and of course keep you getting down with your virtual business.

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4. CD-R


The Prop Stylist is the first known New York-based agency solely consisting of prop stylists. We’re a select group of talents varying in specialized skills, artistic sensibilities, and creative approaches. Collectively, we’ve worked all over the world, on sets, with budgets, and through shoots of all sizes. With such a diverse set of backgrounds to offer, undoubtedly, The Prop Stylist has your styling needs met before you’ve even realized it for yourself. The Prop Stylist is more than just a reliable resource, but more importantly, our agency represents an industry standard that constantly aims to exceed itself. We take the guesswork out of knowing who to rely on, by keeping the process as easy as possible: Contact us with your project and we will pair you with the stylist who is perfect for your job.  Please check out our work at The Prop Stylist.