It’s a fast-paced world, and taking the time to prepare a real breakfast often ends up being a scone and latte from the coffee shop on the way to subway. After a long week and possibly an even longer Friday night, it’s well worth it to slow down and have a real meal. So take a break on Saturday and instead of Instagraming your 900th phoo of a pastry pinned to the top of a coffee cup, prep a real breakfast and show off some food that will actually make your friends’ mouths water. Here are 5 things to eat and photography for a Saturday breakfast. 

5. Blueberry Granolla Yogurt Parfaitfood-photography, saturday-breakfast, inspiration, breakfast-recipe, arts

© Kitchen Life of a Navy Wife via Flickr Creative Commons

You’re not big on the whole cooking thing, we get it, but if you eat another prepackaged breakfast you’re going to explode. The yogurt parfait is the bachelor proof breakfast. There’s nothing to heat up, nothing to measure, and you can make the whole thing in the cup you’re going to eat it out of.


4. Loaded Omelet food-photography, saturday-breakfast, inspiration, breakfast-recipe, arts

© Aurimas via Flickr Creative Commons 

You’re ready to step up your game. Autumn has arrived and it’s too cold to go out for breakfast but you want something hot. You know the basics principals of cooking: apply heat to food. The rest is really just fancy tricks after that.  

Load up your frying pan with eggs and all the vegetables, meat and cheese you can find for an easy, colorful, and most importantly hot breakfast.  


3. Cinnamon Rollsfood-photography, saturday-breakfast, inspiration, breakfast-recipe, arts

© WhitneyinChicago via Flickr Creative Commons

You’ve been using a stove since before you could drive. You can manage a stovetop breakfast in your sleep, and on more than one occasion you have. While others are content to make a meal for one, you’re making breakfast for everyone within smelling distance of your oven. Baking’s demanding precision doesn’t even phase you and you’ll top off your creations with just a bit more sugar before signing your name in frosting, flourishing your applicator as you finish.


2. Mai Taifood-photography, saturday-breakfast, inspiration, breakfast-recipe, arts

© Kenn Wilson via Flickr Creative Commons 

Woken by the roar of an oven timer in the next room, you wrap your pillow around your ears to dampen the noise. The beeping stops and you cautiously let the pillow fall away. Dragging yourself from bed, you follow the smell of what your brain only registers as hot-delicious. You shuffle upon your roommate swaying rhythmically to a song—that is thankfully only playing in her head—as she whips a tube of frosting over the top of a pan. When you reach for it she slaps your hand away, telling you to wait. So you grab the rum and some pineapple to ease your mind while you wait.


1. Cornflakes and tea on a mousepadfood-photography, saturday-breakfast, inspiration, breakfast-recipe, arts

© Peter aka anemoneprijectors via Flickr Creative Commons

You planned to make a real breakfast for the first time in months, until you realize you haven’t been to the store in three weeks after waking up to the sounds of your upstairs neighbor being evicted at 7:00 a.m. With shouting and slamming in the apartment above, you migrate to the kitchen where you make yourself the same thing you made for dinner. Setting the kettle on the stove you search for a place matt, but instead find a late 90’s mousepad. You don’t remember where it came from but it’ll serve. It occurs to you, however, that would actually make a pretty awesome looking photo.