Although the Bebop sounds like something my toddler nephew might play with, it most certainly is not that. What is it? The Bebop is a small remote controlled drone from Parrot whose new model was released showcasing a smaller, less weighty option. The drone uses ad hoc Wi-fi connection so that it can communicate with a tablet-based control app.

The new technology allows the drone to stay in the air a bit longer, as well as allowing it to be controlled in a host of different atmospheric settings. It also can travel a lot faster than the previous model, clocking in at around 31 miles per hour.

There is an HD video camera in the front, another one on its belly and an HD 186-degree camera on its nose. For those who desire to get that full fish-eye view, one can do that with this drone. It has a built-in GPS and a “home” button that brings the drone back to you when it is out of site. Alone with all of these features, the drone has a radio as well that can connect over 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands, that allows you to manually switch channels for better communication. You can control the drone through Parrot’s FreeFlight iOS or Android app.

This is not a cheap toy: The Bebop is $499, and if you get the Sky Controller along with the Bebop, the whole thing will end up costing about $899. That being said, this doesn’t seem like the kind of device a novice would use to capture video or images. This is for the serious photographer, one who is trying to get the shots that nobody else is getting. And for that, I think this drone is well worth the cost. The Bebop allows you to go where no man is going, and quite possibly where no man has gone before.

And for those who are trying to create good art, this is a great tool to add to your toolbox.