Have you experienced leaving your house feeling uneasy, thinking you’ve forgotten something? And then you can’t figured out exactly until you reach the train station and realized you left your wallet by the microwave oven? It is a common occurrence among us, the busy generation who are always on the go. In our hurry to race against time, sometimes we lose track of all our belongings, especially the gadgets we own; the digital camera, the mobile phone, the power bank, wallet, car keys and the like.

Worry no more, as a new edgy intelligent cloud-based solution called ‘Linquet‘ will help notify us right away the moment we step out of our door – or in any instances the exact moment we walked out of range of our specific belonging or even our pet cat. According to its crowdsourcing fund pageLinquet connects your everyday objects – phone, bike, keys, wallet, pet – to YOU. This powerful cloud-based solution smartly adapts itself to your unique way of life so you can stop searching for your stuff. Moreover, with Linquet, you can smartly link your real world to the people and places in your life.”


© Linquet

To use this application, users just need to attach their Linquet devices to their stuff and link it via Bluetooth to their phone. When a user gets separated from his or her belonging by walking out of range, an alarm will go off on their phone as well as the Linquet device attached to their left belonging. The good thing about this is the notifications will show its exact location on an app, allowing you to find your item in no time.

On November 25, 2014, the founders of Linquet will launch a second generation version which, according to its founder Pooya, “In addition to protecting your valuables, [the new Linquet] will make sharing stuff smart, like safely renting out your bike or preventing the loss/theft of a camera while travelling (aka Smart Sharing Economy).” Apart from its original features, the Linquet family of apps will have these cool new additions: Smart Profiles, Trusted Friends, and Linquet Network.

Still a bit confused at how it really works? well to learn more about Linquet check out the video below:

Sign up for a Linquet account for as low as $1.99 a month here.